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Arriving to hunt Striped Bass in Jamaica Bay New York, Striped Bass Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing for Striped Bass, Light Tackle Fishing for Striped Bass

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports, Maryland Fishing Reports, Virginia Fishing Reports, Striped Bass Fishing Reports, Mid Atlantic Fishing Reports, Saltwater Fly Fishing Fishing ReportsStriped Bass Fishing Reports 2009
We bring you weekly fishing reports from Maine to North Carolina including the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

While striped bass are the main topic and focus of our weekly fishing reports, we also include reports on bluefish, flounder/fluke, red drum, black drum, cobia, bluefin tuna, yellow fin tuna, false ablacore and other inshore and offshore species that prowl the Atlantic coastal waters. Be sure to tune in weekly for the reports.

* If you are interested in contributing to our weekly fishing reports please drop us an email.

Maryland Saltwater Fishing Reports, Chesaepake Bay Fishing Reports, Striped Bass Fishing Reports, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing, Striped Bass, Rockfish, StripersNortheast Fishing Reports - Click here for the reports
These reports include from north to south: Maine Fishing Reports, New Hampshire Fishing Reports, Massachusetts Fishing Reports, Rhode Island Fishing Reports, Connecticut Fishing Reports, New York Fishing Reports, New Jersey Fishing Reports

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports - Click here for the reports
These reports include the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries as well as coastal reports out of Ocean City, MD for inshore and offshore fishing in the Atlantic Ocean

Virginia Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports
-Click here for the reports
These reports include the Virginia portion of the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries as well as coastal reports out of Virginia Beach, VA for inshore and offshore fishing in the Atlantic Ocean

North Carolina Fishing Reports - Click here for the reports
These reports include Atlantic Ocean inshore and offshore fishing as as well as tidal sounds, bay and rivers in North Carolina

Directory of Fly Fishing and LIght Tackle Shops

Directory of Fly Fishing LIght Tackle Guides


Fishing Knots

Learn how to tie all the fishing knots you need to light tackle and fly fish. We have step by step instructions on how to tie the Albright Knot, Blood Knot, Bimini Twist Knot, Crawford Knot, Dropper Knot, Homer Rhode Knot, Palomar Knot, Perfection Loop, Snell Knot, Spider Hitch, Surgeons Knot, Trilene Knot, & Uni Knot,

Featured Knot
Bimini Twist
Bimini Twist Fishing Knot

click here to learn how to tie the Bimini Twist

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All About Striped Bass, History of Striped Bass, Migration Patterns of Striped Bass, Spawning of Striped Bass, Feeding Habits of Striped BassAll About Striped Bass
The Striped Bass, scientifically referred to as Morone saxatilis, known in the Chesapeake Bay region as Striper, Rockfish, Linesider, Roller, Squidhound and in the northern Atlantic states simply as “Bass,” is one of the most avidly pursued of all coastal sport fish. Striped Bass are native to most of the East Coast, ranging from the lower St. Lawrence River in Canada to the St. John's River in Northern Florida, and from Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico to the open waters of the Atlantic. The primary range where most recreational and commercial anglers along the east coast pursue striped bass spans from Maine to North Carolina. However, Striped Bass are also found in many freshwater inland lakes along the east coast. The west coast of the United States also has a healthy striped bass fishery, mainly in the Delta area of northern California. While the east and west coast striped bass fisheries draw the most attention, striped bass can be found in thirty-one (31) states, facilitated by stocking programs in lakes and reservoirs. Click here to read more

fishing line

Fishing Destination and Trip Information
We fish. It really is who we fishing journal provides articles on different fishing destination topics, species and chronicles our fishing adventures with our real journal notes, pictures, video, from our personal fishing journals. We provide information on how to get there, what you can catch, what you should bring, where you can launch your boat, recommendations on fishing guides and lodges, and where to eat (if there is a place around to eat). We'll give you it to your straight from our logs. You'll never see any information here that one of us at Lateral Line have not experienced first hand. In some cases with areas we fish or have fished extensively we will not necessary chronicle each and every trip, but rather give you seasonal information and selected journal entries that should help you catch more fish.

We have a lot of catching up to do to get our fishing logs into our web site, so please bear with us as we get everything in here. Once we get caught up we will list all the trips by date, until then we will put the ones we get done at the top of the list. If you need help, want some advice or just have some questions about anyone in our journal please feel free to drop us a line, we're always happy to help. We fish. It's who we

If you are interested in reading daily reports and information from the Chesapeake Bay and East Coast waters you can check out our online fishing community site called that has over 44,900 anglers talking fishing on the message boards.

Trips and Location Information

ALABAMA (click here for an overview)
- Gulf Shores/ Mobile Bay area

Argentina, Patagonia - February/March 2008
Click here to follow our trip

Bahamas (click here for an overview)
- Alkins Island
- Andros Island
- Abacos
- Berry Islands
- Crooked Island
- Grand Bahamas, West End and Port Lucaya
- Highborne Cay

BELIZE (click here for an overview)
- Ambergris Cay
- Turneffe Flats

CALIFORNIA (click here for an overview)
- Kings Harbor Area

CHESAPEAKE BAY (click here for an overview)
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Still Pond Creek, Churn Creek Worton Point area
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Susquehanna Flats
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Susquehanna River, Conowingo Dam/ Lapidum area
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Chester River Area
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Baltimore Harbor Area
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Bay Bridge Area
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Miles River
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Wye River
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Eastern Bay
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Choptank River area
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Middle Bay Stonerock/ Calvert Cliffs Area
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Point No Point area
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Honga River
- Maryland Chesapeake Bay: Crisfield and Tangier area
- Virginia Chesapeake Bay: Kiptopeke and Cape Charles area
-- Fishing Report - December 5-9, 2007
- Virginia Chesapeake Bay: Lynhaven Inlet Area
- Virginia Chesapeake Bay: Virginia Beach and Rudee Inlet Area
- Virginia Chesapeake Bay: Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

HONDURAS (click here for an overview)
- Guanaja

IDAHO (click here for an overview)
- Snake River
- Henry's Fork
-- Fishing Report - June 14-20, 2008

- Barataria Estuary


MASSACHUTETTES (click here for an overview)
- Martha's Vineyard

NEW YORK (click here for an overview)
- Jamaica Bay
- Montauk

NORTH CAROLINA (click here for an overview)
- Moorhead City
- Beaufort
- Harkers Island / Cape Lookout area
- Hatteras area
- Oregon Inlet area

- Chesapeake Bay -see Chesapeake Bay Listings to the left
- Gunpowder River
- Western Maryland, Potomac River

MONTANA (click here for an overview)
- Madison River

- Susquehanna River

SEYCHELLES ISLANDS (click here for an overview)
- Alphonse Island

TURKS & CAICOS (click here for an overview)
- Provo
- South Caicos

WYOMING (click here for an overview)
- Jackson Hole area

COSTA RICA (click here for an overview)
- Pacific Coast, Jaco and Los Suenos area

DELAWARE (click here for an overview)
- Inland Ponds
- Indian River Inlet, Atlantic Ocean

FLORIDA (click here for an overview)
- Islandmorada
- Lake Okeechobee

- Palm Beach and West Palm Beach
- Boca Grande
- Ft. Lauderdale

- Potomac River, Middle River Largemouth Bass Country
- Potomac River, Fletchers Boathouse/Georgetown area

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Virginia Saltwater Fishing Reports, Virginia Chesaepake Bay Fishing Reports, Striped Bass Fishing Reports, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing, Striped Bass, Rockfish, Stripers Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports, Striped Bass Fishing Reports, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing, Striped Bass, Rockfish, Stripers