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Sep 13 2009

Northeast Saltwater Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Reports: Updated September 13, 2009

ne_fishing_wideopenStriped Bass, Bluefish, Ablies and Bonita (aka Bones) fishing is busting loose in the Northeast! The last few days there has been some bad weather which has kept anglers off the water, but before that it’s been pretty wide open for light tackle and fly anglers. Full details below….let’s roll!

Northeast Saltwater Fisheries News
There are striped bass hearings coming to your state regarding the topic of allowing North Carolina to roll over their commercial quota on a yearly basis, ASMFC refers to it as Addendum II. You need to read this and make your position known. Click here for full details and dates of meetings.

Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports
*note the northeast fishing reports work their way up the coast from south to north starting with New Jersey.

New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports

Capt. Byan DiLio from Iowa Fortune Guide Service fishing in and around Ocean City and Atlantic City reported in:
Extreme weather had me blown out all week. will be back on the water starting this weekend.Have a great week end. Bryan

The Beach Haven Charter Boat Association reported in from Beach Haven:
The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are making the preparations for the upcoming shift from summer to fall fishing. Captain Adam Nowalski of the “Karen Ann” reports he will be targeting sea bass and croakers in September.Captain Adam says the drop in air temperatures will soon bring a drop in water temperatures provoking a hotter bite from the sea bass. He also is looking for some good croaker action in the ocean. Meanwhile Captain George Finck of “Sparetime Charters” had Richard and Allison Trosko and their two sons out for a half day fishing trip in the bay. The boys had a nice catch of bluefish, really enjoyed the steady action. Captain Fran Verdi of the “Dropoff” is already planning to start fishing for Continue Reading »

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Aug 17 2009

Northeast Saltwater Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Reports: Updated August 17, 2009

bluefin_saltwater_flyfishing_chrishNortheast reports are a little thin this week, but we did get some guides checking in. The big news is that the Bones arrived in and around Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The Albies should not be too far behind. Oh yea, bluefin have been landed on the fly. The picture says it all on that front. Even with the elevated water temperatures there are still plenty of striped bass around if you are willing to spend the time looking. When you hit then you can hit the jackpot. Also around in good numbers are decent blues to give you a good pull on your fly rod or light tackle. (Pictured is is a nice bluefin tuna caught on the fly. The picture was sent in from Capt. Chris Hessert from Manhattan Fly Charters fishing in and around the New York City Area. NICE FISH MAN!)

Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports
*note the northeast fishing reports work their way up the coast from south to north starting with New Jersey.

New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports
The Beach Haven Charter Boat Association reported in from Beach Haven:

Some of the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are reporting very good action in the ocean on fluke and sea bass. For the most party the fish are biting very well, but the keeper fluke are still tough to come by.

Captain Frank Camarda on the headboat “Miss Beach Haven” reports the fluke fishing has been pretty good in the ocean for the past week with a good mix of keepers and shorts. The water temperature is currently right around 73-degrees. Captain Frank adds that the bay fishing has also been decent as the fluke are making their way to the ocean. He has also seen a few cocktail sized bluefish and some croakers around.

Captain George Finck of “Sparetime Charters had Phil McNeil out last week with son Carter and daughter Sidney for a day of bottom fishing. He reports the kids especially enjoyed the nice weather along with a nice catch of both sea bass and fluke. Another day he had Kevin Kernan and son Jack out for a nice catch of sea bass and short fluke. Captain George reports keeper fluke are hard to come by some days.

Over the weekend he had the McCauley’s and Smiths out for bottom fishing. The fishing was great despite a lack of keeper fluke, but they were happy to put a mix of sea bass, fluke, and bluefish in the fish box.

Captain Dave Wittenborn had Sarah Brown and family out last Friday on the “Compass Rose” celebrating Dad’s 60th. The conditions were excellent in the ocean, and the fish cooperated with practically non-stop action for some five hours. The happy party returned to the dock with six nice keeper fluke, several sea bass, and released at least 20 shorts.
Captain Dave had even better action on Saturday for Dave Nyre and his crew. He said he did not even have time to eat lunch the fishing was so constant. Besides well over 50 throwbacks, they had 16 keeper fluke. He went through extra bait he had brought and was cutting up strips of sea robin and fluke bellies which produced well.

New York Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. John McMurray from one More Cast Fishing Charters did not report in, he must be busy with his twins.

Capt. Chris Hessert from Manhattan Fly Charters fishing in and around the New York City Area:
Did not check in, but he had a great picture of a fish that I was not able to get in last weeks report because I did to get it the first try. I think the picture at the top of the reports about sums up the fly fishing action.

Connecticut Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Sandy Noyes from Rum Runner Guide Service reported in from in and around Stonington:
Bonito! We just came back from a mid summer vacation. The fishing was so bad it wasn’t even worth me going out for fun. Gail and I went out yesterday on reliable reports of bonito. We found some but as usual Continue Reading »

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Aug 09 2009

Northeast Saltwater Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Reports: Updated August 9, 2009

phil_cstevebass20090805August is usually a slow month in the northeast. It does not mean there are not stripers or blues around, but it seems the fish take a bit of a vacation. But, that is not always the case as evidenced by Capt. Brendan McCarthy’s monster striper last week and this week follows that rule just a little further up the coast. The spotlight this week is on Maine striped bass fishing where Capt. Eric Wallace reports that the fishing in shallow water has been fantastic. This is great news for a fishery that many considered was pretty much dead based on past years fishing. You’ll have to read the report for the details, but you can trust that I’ll be putting Maine and Capt. Eric on my list to visit.

August also usally marks the arrival of the bonita and albies in and around the Nantucket area and sure enough as clock work some reports are coming in that they arrived. Another surprise this week is the striped bass are still un and around Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Usually the bulk of the fish have left, not this year.  All great news for the saltwater fly, surf and light tackle anglers! Read the reports for details… Continue Reading »

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Aug 04 2009

Northeast Saltwater Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Reports: Updated August 4 2009

bmcarthy_bigstriper080109Some say there are not as many big striped bass around as there used to be, I agree wholeheartedly with that, but that does not mean there are still not a few monster striped bass swimming around along the coast. Capt. Brendan McCarthy proved that this past week with a nice monster taken on …………  Plenty of other striper action in the northeast this week all the way up to Maine….

Northeast Saltwater Fisheries News
Some anglers were a little freaked out about the recent appointments of council members to the Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council appointments who might labeled as “environmentalists” . Often times anglers get scared that these people are out to stop not just commercial fishing, but recreational fishing as well. Well, Capt. John McMurray waded in this week and provided us a good perspective that these appointments might be a good thing, not bad. Read his whole piece here.

Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports
*note the northeast fishing reports work their way up the coast from south to north starting with New Jersey.

New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Bryan DiLeo  from Iowa Fortune Guide Service fishing in the southern New Jersey waters from Atlantic City to Cape May gives us this report: The action in the back country remains a “steady as she goes” situation as we head into the month of August. The top water action continues to be priority laying the ground work as we head into the Fall run which looks to be very Continue Reading »

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Jul 24 2009

Northeast Saltwater Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Reports: Updated July 24 2009

philhigh1_1Welcome to the 2009 Northeast saltwater fishing reports, better late then never as some say. Capt. John McMurray will not doing the fishing reports on the Lateral Line Blog this year. Between his time commitment needed for his duties at his recent appointment to the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Counsel and the recent addition of twins to he and his wife’s responsibilities, things are a little crazy around his house. Capt. John will still be providing us with weekly reports from his home waters in and around Jamaica Bay, NY, but you have me as your host. I will be publishing this report weekly until the end of November and we will begin again in the spring of 2010.  I cannot promise to rant as much as Capt. John, but I will try to preface the reports each week with some sort of fisheries news, information, and comments from the Northeast. If you have something you think I should cover, please shoot me an email. The Governor of Maryland recently appointed me to the Maryland Sport Fish Advisory Commission and as part of our monthly meeting we are briefed not only on Maryland sport fish advisory things, but also what is going on coast wide.  I will try to bring anything I find as interesting to this report. (image courtesy of Capt. Phil Cronin from Capawock Charters out of Martha’s Vineyard, see below for his full report. You can click on most all the pictures and if there is a bigger version they will pop up in a new window)

If you are a fishing captain or guide from the northeast and would like your report included please drop me an email and I will let you know the details so we can get you included. I also want to thank all our saltwater fishing guides who have returned from last year and will be providing reports. Please remember that all the guides that supply fishing reports for this report on a consistent basis have their links listed on the right hand side alphabetically under their home waters state; please visit their sites and support their businesses when you can.

One last thing, you will find that these reports mainly concentrate on saltwater light tackle and fly fishing for striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore. This is probably more then anything because that is what Capt John does as well as myself. Where and when possible I will do my best to cover other methods and other species such as fluke and offshore for yellow and blue fin tuna. I think you will find that the light tackle and fly guides will give you a good pulse on that is going on.

Now that we have all that out of the way, let’s roll.

Northeast Saltwater Fisheries News
The buzz in the northeast fishing world this week seems to be coming from Massachusetts where a bill has recently been drafted to make Striped Bass a game fish. Stripers Forever is heading up this initiative and this week has been asking for support from all anglers to write the Massachusetts legislators expressing that you support this bill. If you fish these waters Continue Reading »

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May 31 2009

Casco Bay Maine Fishing Report

Just in from Captain Eric Wallace. Our full Northeast Fishing Reports will be back in action the end of this coming week. Also, if you are a fly fishing or light tackle angler up in Maine check out the details at the end of the report on the Fly Fishing Film Tour
Capt Eric reports: Things are starting to move along in southern Maine,, area’s in Casco Bay are holding a few fish, but the best fishing in Maine this past week was on the Piscataqua where reports of 25-30 inch stripers are being taken on white Storm shads and grocery style deceivers to the north near Portland the Shad fishing has turned on as well Stripers are being taken . Things are looking a little better than last year north of Cape Cod, this week on the Joppa flats area we killed it, where last year was slow.

But once again where are the micro’s. as well The Fly Fishing Film Tour, Hosted by Flies and fins sponsored by The Drake magazine, Sage Fly Rods, Later Line, Scientific Anglers Patagonia among others, is touring the country this spring and early summer, showcasing some of the most cutting edge fly fishing films to date. The festival is playing in Portland, Maine at the Asylum on Thursday, June 4, at 7pm. There will also be a pre- and post-show party with appetizers, beer from local brewing companies and some outstanding shorts from 406 Productions, World Angling and Flies and Fins, 7pm to midnight.

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May 12 2009

Hot Fly Fishing Striped Bass Surface Action in Jamaica Bay New York Video

Published by under Northeast Fishing Reports

Capt John McMurray who is a Lateral Line Ambassador, writes our weekly northeast fishing reports and runs One More Cast Charters out of Jamaica Bay, New York sent us this hot video of some striped bass surface action on the fly rod.  Nail that sucka…..YEA!

Fly Fishing for Striped Bass on a Surface Popper from Mark Cahill on Vimeo.

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May 05 2009

Rhode Island Narragansett Bay Fishing Report Updated May 5 2009

Capt. Greg Snow just sent in this report for Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, thought I would pass it along.  Full Northeast fishing reports coming next week. (click on the pics for bigger versions)

Thank the Lord, Spring is here!  Easter is gone and Mother’s Day is fast approaching.   The dogwoods are in full bloom and the Forsythias are dropping theirs.  The water temps have skyrocketed into the fifties and Ospreys have set up shop on their marshy perches.  These are the signs we look for this time of year to tell us that the Stripers are making their way up beautiful Narragansett Bay.    Oh and guess what…  They’re here!  The upper bay is full of fat, healthy, fresh  bass in the 20″ to 30″ range with some 35″ being caught as well.  The bay is stuffed with hearing, bunker, squid, and spawning Mantis Shrimp.  The fish are aggressively blasting small topwater plugs, small soft plastics, shrimp and squid flies. The next 3 weeks should be something special.  It will only get better as the water gets a little warmer and the bait continues to funnel in.  I am so looking forward to a stellar spring run before I relocate Snowfly Charters out to Block Island come mid June.   Until next time. Screaming reels and roaring tides. Capt. Greg Snow

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