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Sep 12 2019

East Coast Fishing Report Action updated Sept 12 2019

Lots of fishing reports happening up and down the east coast from Montauk striped bass and albie fishing busting loose to big redfish in the Middle Chesapeake Bay and nice Cobia still being caught in Virgina’s Chesapeake tidal waters.

Northeast Fishing Reports

Capt David Blinken from North Flats Guiding reported that Montauk is busing wide open with albie and striper fishing

David Blinken north flats guiding fishing reports Montauk fly fishing striped bass and albies
This picture sums up Montauk fishing!
David Blinken north flats guiding fishing reports Montauk fly fishing striped bass
Montauk striped bass

Moving down the coast a little to the lower New York area, Capt John McMurray from One More Cast reports that the albies are getting thick and dolphin fishing has been good near offshore

capt John mcmurray one more cast fishing report albie fishing
Decent size albies showing up for Capt. John
capt John mcmurray one more cast fishing report dolphin fishing
Fun sized dolphin

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports

Moving down the east coast to the upper Chesapeake Bay. Capt. Jamie from Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters clients have been catching some giant redfish and some really nice stripers on light tackle

capt jamie eastern shore light tackle charters fishing report chesapeake bay redfish light tackle
Nice sized redfish!
capt jamie eastern shore light tackle charters fishing report chesapeake bay stripedbass stripers light tackle
Fun striped bass light tackle fishing

Capt Walleye Pete from Four Seasons Guide Service reports that not only has the red fishing been really good, but the speckled trout fishing on light tackle has also been really good.

Capt Pete Walleye Pete Four seasons guide service Chesapeake fishing report speck light tackle fishing speckled trout
Nice speckled trout.
Capt Pete Walleye Pete Four seasons guide service Chesapeake fishing report speck redfish tackle fishing Wild Bill
Wild Bill with a wildly sized redfish while fishing with Capt. Pete

Old friend Wild Bill also go out with the Kelly D out of Solomons Island and managed another nice redfish on light tackle.

Solomons Island Fishing report light tackle fishing

Moving south to the Virginia Chesapeake Bay, Dr. Ken reports that the Cobia post hurricane is happening. I’ll let the picture do the talking.

Dr Ken Neill Virginia Chesapeake fishing report cobia

I am thinking about adding a weekly podcast to accompany the report and and pictures. Is that something you are interested in? Please drop me a comment and let me know.

If you are a fishing guide and want to have your fishing reports included please send me an email and I will let you know what I need from you.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and is able to get out on the water to do some fishing! – Brandon

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Feb 10 2011

Big Stripers in and around Maryland Chesapeake Bay

It might be cold in Maryland, but the fishing for stripers is pretty hot for light tackle and fly fishing anglers. The below was caught the other day while casting light tackle lures in one of the many warm water discharges in the Chesapeake bay. You can read a full fishing report here. Nice striper man!

Striped bass fishing report Maryland Chesapeake Bay Feb 10, 2011 in Fishing Clothing Lateral Line Blog

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Jul 24 2010

Maryland Fishing Report – Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Waters – July 24, 2010

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report in Fishing Clothing Fishing Shirt Outdoor Clothing company Lateral Line Fishing BlogThere is not much more to say about the weather we have been having Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay the last few weeks other then, its’ stinking HOT. The water temperature at Thomas Point Lighthouse registered at 84.0 degrees as I write this, that’s some warm water folks. Despite the heat anglers have been getting out on the water and having decent catches of striped bass, croaker, some large perch, spot and in the lower Maryland Chesapeake Bay reports of some nice sized red drum caught by light tackle, bait and trolling anglers. Read the full Maryland fishing report for details.

On the fisheries front this past week we had a joint meeting of the Sport Fish Advisory Commission and Tidal Fish Advisory Commission. There were not that many hot topics brought up other then the issue of spot traps in the bay which have gained popularity over the last few years as live lining has come into vogue. Nothing was decided at the meeting, but a committee of members of both commissions will convene and develop recommendations to be made to the Department of Natural Resources. The commissions take off the month of August and reconvene in September.

Also this past week was an ASMFC hearing in Annapolis on the topic of increasing the commercial catch of striped bass along the Atlantic coast. Recreational anglers came out in full force opposing any increase in the commercial catch. Many recreational anglers as well as groups like the Maryland Saltwater Sportsman Association (MSSA), Coastal Conservation Association of MD (CCA), Maryland Charter Boat Association (MCBA) turned out and testified against the increase as well. Reasons cited were numerous and hard to ignore. The fact that its been estimated that over 75% of striped bass in the Chesapeake have mycobacterium (often called myco) which essentially has 100% mortality is a hard thing to dismiss; it essentially makes these fish walking dead, it’s not if they will die it’s when. (if you are interested in learning more check the VIMS site on myco.

Also noted was the trending decrease in the young of the year index. The increase in pollution in our coastal waters and of immediate concern of the unknown effects that the oil spill in the Gulf will have on our coastal fish populations. Poaching by all groups, both commercial and recreational not being taken into account. The wide unknown how many fish are harvested in the Virginia winter recreational fishery, estimated to be between 200,000 – 800,000 fish, basically we have no grip on the real number. The large Virginia winter commercial striped bass fishery that intercepts the large breeding striped bass on their way to the breeding grounds in the upper Chesapeake Bay.  And the effect that Shifting Baseline Syndrome
is having on all our perceptions of what a healthy population of fish is and/or should be.

Hearings will continue in other coastal states over the next few months and feedback and analysis brought before the ASMFC in the Fall/Winter meetings.

Upcoming Fishing Events, Fishing Tournaments and Other Fishing Meetings
White Marlin Open
When: August 2nd-6th, 2010
Where; Ocean City, MD
More Information, Registration and Details

MSSA Fall Classic
When: Nov 20- 21st , 2010
Where: Maryland Chesapeake bay
More Information and Registration

Upper Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports
I have not heard much in the way of striped bass fishing for any keepers in and around the Susquehanna Flats and a few miles south. There are mixed results for live lining spot for striped bass in and around the Bay Bridge and Bay Bridge pilings. Spot have generally been on the smaller side and at times hard to catch. Some anglers fishing out of Sandy Point are heading to Hackets Bar outside the Severn River and catching their way though white perch to get some spot of size and then running back up to the Bay Bridge to dunk the spot on the pilings. With current you’re likely to find some keeper striped bass.

There have also been a few reports from in and around the Middle River, Knolls  (6ft Knolls) area of lots of schoolie stripers and some smaller bluefish mixed in. Check your map for the lumps and humps in the Knolls area and with current drop some jigs.

Reports of jumbo white perch are available throughout the upper bay. Grass shrimp and bloodworms remain the bait of choice. Some of the better locations are the Bay Hackets Point, Bridge pilings, Magothy River mouth, Mountain Bar off Gibson Island, Key Bridge, Pooles Island, Swan Point Bar, Belvedere Shoals, Chester River and Corsica River.

Middle Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports
Breaking striped bass has been the name of the game in the evenings in and around the mouth of Eastern Bay and over the last few days more in the Bloody Point area. Light tackle anglers have had the best luck with poppers while trolling anglers have had good luck with 15 and 17 Tony Accetta  spoons.

Charlie S from’s Maryland fishing forum filed this report from Thursday: We left Tilghman at 5:30am with intentions of drowning some spot down at the Gas Docks. Some last minute intel changed our minds and we went out into the “Hook” to look for some breakers. WE went from the So. end of Poplar all the way to Stone Rock without marking anything worth working over. Reversed course and headed north with the idea to look at E bay and see what was happening up there. Almost to 84 and there they were Continue Reading »

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Apr 03 2010

Maryland Trophy Striped Bass Season Trolling Set Ups

Chesapeake Trolling Set up for Trophy Season Striped Bass Fishing in Maryland for all those who are fishing in Maryland this SpringThe Maryland trophy striped bass season is just a few weeks away and with the advent of great weather throughout the Chesapeake anglers are uncovering their boats and have fishing on the mind. While light tackle and fly fishing can be great fun, the preferred method by many anglers is trolling. You can cover a lot of water and with the stripers moving like they are this time of year it is usually a very effective method. Some light tackle and fly anglers employ trolling until they find a school of fish, then shut down the boat and the light tackle fishing anglers start jigging and fly anglers start dredging sinking lines or casting to breaking fish. Here is a great article by one a well known captains, Capt. Mark Galasso, on the Chesapeake where he explains several trolling set ups to get you started this spring on your hunt for that monster striped bass. (Note the link will take you to another site,, for the full article with illustrations.  Click here for the trolling set ups article)

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Mar 26 2010

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports and Ocean City Offshore and Inshore Fishing Reports Updated March 26, 2010

Maryland Light Tackle Fishing Report Chespaeake Bay in Fishing  Clothing Outdoor Clothing Flyfishing Clothing Shirt company Lateral Line  Saltwater Fishing Blog Fishing ReportsFinally, welcome to the 2010 weekly Maryland fishing reports. Spring is here in Maryland, well almost other then this little cold snap we are having. Anglers are out and about catching perch in the upper tributaries, to striped bass catch and release fishing in the main stem of the Chesapeake. If you are a white perch angler this is probably going to be the height of the run, so get your rods and get out and do some fishing. Hot areas have been the Choptank around Red Bridges working south to Greensboro, the Upper Chester River up in and around Millington and on the western shore in the upper Patuxent River. (pictured is Mark light tackle fishing with some of his custom Shore Tackle light tackle rods in the middle Chesapeake Bay this past week)

Striped bass are making their way up the Chesapeake. I was in the Virginia Beach area last week and saw diving birds and stripers breaking at the mouth. Reports from friends said the stripers have been coming in waves and reports from the commercial anglers further up the Virginia portion of the bay are reporting good catches of striped bass. Some have already arrived and you can expect more as we move into April. Maryland’s catch and keep season is closed until April, catch and release is open, please use catch and release best practices when handling and releasing striped bass.

Upcoming Fishing Events, Fishing Tournaments and Other Fishing Related Happenings

Solomons Fishing Fair
March 27 & 28, 2010
Solomons Firehouse
8 am to 3 pm
Admission $2.00
More info here:

Striper Fishing Workshop
March 27, 2010
9am-2pm Dundalk Moose Lodge
Registration Fee: $75/person
Call 410-285-7029 for info.

Ninth annual Opening Day Rockfish Catch & Release Tournament; sponsored by Boatyard Bar & Grill
April 17,2010
Online registration recommended. Visit and click on “fishing.” Or stop by Angler’s or The Boatyard.

Rod ‘n’ Reel’s 29th Annual Pro-AM
April 30-May 2
More than $6,000 in door prizes.
To register call 800-233-2080

MSSA’s “Championship on the Chesapeake
April 30-May 2
” Winning rockfish could be worth $100,000.
To register, click or call 410-255-5535
Want your event added to this listing in the fishing reports, enter it into the Tidal Fish Calendar of Events and shoot me an email at Brandon @ Tidal Fish .com with the event information once it is entered.

Maryland Fishing Reports

Upper Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports
The Susquehanna Flats catch and release striped bass season is open. Reports from that area have been spotty, with the best success coming from anglers using bait (cut herring). Please remember if you use bait you are required to use circle hooks. A few big stripers were caught yesterday (Thursday) while those doing light tackle and fly fishing said the action was generally slow. In my experience fishing the flats, where I used to spend as many as twenty five plus days a year fishing, the fishing really does not get decent until the Continue Reading »

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Sep 06 2009

Middle Cheapeake Bay Saltwater Fly Fishing Striped Bass Report – Fished on Friday September 4, 2009

saltwater_fly_fishing_bcw_2921With all the traveling I have been doing and still being boatless I have not fished the Chesapeake all too much the last two months. Don called me the other day and asked if I wanted to hit the middle bay with him and do a little saltwater fly fishing, I took him up on the his offer. We launched out of Claiborne boat ramp around 3:00pm just at the top end of the incoming tide and headed to Poplar Island area in hope of finding some fly rod action. There were birds everywhere, first few cast we picked up some punk striped bass on the east side of the island. . Ran into old friend from the CBBT, Brian, who said he had been out since morning and had a great bite fly fishing the whole time. We visited for a while and then he headed to the barn and we headed over to the west side. Messed around with ton of birds and more punk striped bass. Ran into a few more friends who were having some luck on light tackle and the fly rod. We fished this area for a while and then the tide quit, when it quit so did the fish, well at least we lost track of them. Hung out and chilled for a while and then as the tide started so did the fish. By this time there were a few more boats around and between all the running around they were doing in the shallower water it was hard to stay on top of the stripers. So we took a chance and ran south of Poplar, the gamble paid off and we found acres of birds and breaking stripers and spanish and Continue Reading »

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Aug 17 2009

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports and Ocean City Offshore and Inshore Fishing Reports Updated August 17, 2009

spanish_steveThe Spanish are invading Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, Spanish Mackerel that is. Reports are in with excellent catches of Spanish Macs from the Maryland line all the way up to in and around the bay bridge area. Flounder pounding reports are in the from the middle and lower Chesapeake. It’s been a few years since I’ve heard such good reports coming in, but keeper flounder are back in Maryland’s Chesapeake waters. Punk (ie undersize) striped bass are all over the bay along with their friends the bluefish. The action has mainly concentrated from Sharps Island, Popular Island up to Thomas Point, mostly on the eastern side.
(pictured is Steve’s (aka michasp1) son Randy with a nice spanish mac caught in the middle bay. You can check their full report with more pictures here )

My Fishing Shop Visit
I was in Baltimore this week and stopped in to Tocherman’s Tackle located on Eastern Ave. in Baltimore. I heard about the the shop for years, it’s actually been there before I was even born. I was having lunch with a friend around the corner and decided it was time to stop in and check out the action. I had remembered that local well know fly angler Joe Bruce (formally of the Fisherman’s Edge) had told me he ties flies in the store on Fridays and sometimes on Thursdays. As soon as I walked into the shop I was overwhelmed, fishing tackle everywhere. A huge selection of lures, rods, reels, and a breath of fresh air as I kept walking and looked to my right and saw Joe tying flies surrounded by fly tying materials and tackle. I finally got to meet Tony Tocherman and his lovely wife. I hung out with Joe watching anglers steam in on a regular basis. A fly angler even came in and bought a Continue Reading »

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Aug 03 2009

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports and Ocean City Offshore and Inshore Fishing Reports Updated August 3, 2009

baybridge_stripedbass_080209Just last week I was driving in the car and thinking to myself what a cool beginning for the summer we had. Sure enough a day later our normal hot humid summer Maryland weather arrived. As I am sitting here writing a good summer thunder storm is rolling across the Chopank River. I wanted to welcome Charlie Taylor to my fishing reports Charlie does a great job summarizing what is going on and will be checking in weekly with great reports.

Fishing has not been as hot as the weather, but it’s been consistent though out Maryland’s portion of the Chesapeake. The hottest fishing for striped bass has been in the middle of Maryland’s Chesapeake, while the lower portion of the bay has been producing some good fishing. Offshore fishing out of Ocean City has been good. If you are in Ocean City or along the Maryland Delaware Beaches be sure to check out the White Marlin Open weigh-ins at Harbour Island Marina at 14th St. and the Bay. The tournament is this week August 3-7th and is always great fun to see white marlin, sharks, tuna and dolphin weighed in. If you can not make it, they do have a live weigh in cam which you can check out here. Check the reports below for full details…

Maryland Fisheries News
August is vacation month, which means most everyone is out of town and not much happening. There is no Sport Fish Advisory Commission this month. However, the Man of War Shoal dredging topic still is a hot topic. This should heat up again in September. But check the section below for an informative meeting happening this week which you can attend if you want to learn more.(pictured is foster with a schoolie striper from the Bay Bridge. Check his full report here)

Tournaments, Events and Other Fishing Happenings

CCA Maryland’s Baltimore Chapter Meeting
When: Tuesday, August 4th at 6:30 PM
Where: Nick’s Inner Harbor Seafood, 2600 Insulator Drive in Baltimore
Cost: Free
Description: If you want to hear the facts and details regarding the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ pending permit application to dredge Man-O-War Shoal. In early July DNR submitted an application for a permit to dredge 5 million bushels of fossil oyster shell from Man-O-War Shoal, located off the the mouth of the Patapsco River, with the possibility of dredging up to 30 million bushels of shell over a longer period of time. The permit application review process provides the opportunity for public comment and requires a separate analysis by the Maryland Department of the Environment, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Maryland Board of Public Works.

This event is not an official meeting or hearing as part of the permit review process, but an opportunity to hear a factual summary of the permit application presented by the CCA Baltimore Chapter, to discuss the issue with others and an opportunity for members to let CCA’s volunteer leadership know their thoughts about the permit application and how they believe the organization should respond during the public comment period.

More Information: For more information please email [email protected]
MSSA Essex Chapter Meeting: Brandon White (me) Speaking on Light Tackle Fishing for Striped Bass in the Chesapeake Bay
When: Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Cost: Free

Upper Chesapeake Bay Region (Susquehanna River/Flats to Bay Bridge Waters)
Most of any of the action in and around the Susquehanna Flats is fishing for largemouth bass. There are some stripers, but most all are small and not many anglers are targeting them this time of year.
A little further down the bay in and around Still Pond down to Worton Point and Hart Miller Island area light tackle anglers have had some success with Continue Reading »

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