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Jan 16 2020

East Coast Saltwater Fishing Reports updated Jan 16, 2020

Happy New Year🎉 Some monster striped bass pictures in this weeks fishing reports. Let me give you a taste of what we’re talking about…

Chesapeake Bay Maryland fishing reports big striped basss
Yea, it might be a cold winter, but fishing in the Chesapeake Bay is HOT🔥
Beautiful winter striped bass caught with a JLS Custom “Purple lady” rod fishing with Capt. Jamie of Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters

Here’s what happening…

Lateral Line Podcast Update
Late last year I sent out a survey to see if readers would like to have these fishing reports in a podcast. I received an overwhelming “Yes”. So…

It’s happening. Right now I’m waiting on approval from Apple, once that happens, hopefully by next Thursday, we’ll be live on Apple, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and TuneIn.

Here’s our icon, what do you think? Post in the comments at the end of fishing reports, way below👇

Fishing Report Podcast Fishing Journal by Lateral Line
Lateral Line Fishing Podcast icon

Thanks for all the feedback and support.🙏

Here’s what you can expect on a weekly basis…

  1. First and foremost we’ll be bringing you fishing reports from along the east coast, from New York to North Carolina, Maryland-Virginia Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries.
  2. Tips on lures and set-ups that are working
  3. New fishing products news and reviews
  4. Conservation news (looking for someone to bring us this weekly, hopefully will find someone soon)

I’ll post here and email you, if you’re on our email list, as soon as we go live.👍

On to this weeks fishing reports, hot areas are Chesapeake Bay with big striped bass.

New York Fishing Reports

Capt John McMurray from One More Cast reported that is all is quite right now in New York waters. John’s getting some rest after long solid 2019 season😁

Capt David Blinken from North Flats Guiding is off the water right now. His report: “skiing” 🏂

New Jersey Fishing Reports

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association (BHFCA) reports all is slow right now, their gearing up for 2020.

Maryland Chesapeake Bay
Fishing Reports

Moving down the east coast to the upper Chesapeake Bay. Capt. Jamie from Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters clients have been catching some BIG striped bass.

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing reports January fishing light tackle
Another one of many monster striped bass caught this past week.
Moster rockfish fishing reports in Maryland Chesapeake Bay
Another nice bass

Capt Walleye Pete from Four Seasons Guide Service reports a full fish finder. Big arches= big striped bass…

Striped Bass Fishing Reports Maryland Chesapeake Bay Walleye Pete Four Seasons Guide Service
Striped bass covering up this fish finder!
Rockfishing Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports Walleye Pete Four Seasons Guide Service
Just one of many nice stripers caught with Capt. Pete this past week.

Virginia Chesapeake Bay
Fishing Reports

We’re adding in fishing report from Buzz’s Marina for 2020. They’re technically located on the tip of Maryland, but given they fish as much Virginia waters, we’re putting them here😁

Mike from Buzz’s has been tearing the striped bass up man! I’ll let the picture tell the story…

Virginia Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports Striped Bass Fishing Buzz's Marina
Can Michael find them or what? He’s having a blast catching and releasing some nice rockfish on light tackle!💥

Moving south to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and Virginia Offshore action, Dr. Ken reports:(this from last week, but still fresh)

Charles Southall sent me a message saying that he was thinking about running across the bay for some catch and release fishing for rockfish.

I met him, David Brabrand and Gabe Sava at Dare Marina in the morning. It was my first time on the new Special Kate.

It was foggy all day and it rained but it was calmer than predicted. I was surprised by the number of boats near Cape Charles for catch and release fishing. Back when rockfish were crazy good: birds raining out of the sky, catches limited only by how many you could stand to crank, we’d go over there in January and never see another boat.

Today, we had a good amount of company trying to catch some fish to release. We had two bites and held on to one. I happened to be by the rod and got to catch the first rockfish on this Special Kate. The first one was good one and hopefully, it will just be the first of many. 

Virginia Fishing Reports Tidewater Offshore Striped Bass Fishing

North Carolina Fishing Reports

Pirates Cove Fishing Marina latest report from Jan 10, 2020;

We enjoyed the warmer weather today, here at Pirate’s Cove Marina! We had one boat from our offshore fleet go out and they reported the Tuna bite was still on with catches of Yellowfin and Blackfin!!

North Caroline Fisheries reports:

North Carolina Fishing Reports
North Carolina Fishing Reports Region Map

North Carolina Northern Region Winter Overview

Offshore Fishing
Anglers can catch plenty of yellowfin tuna, as well as wahoo, in the winter when conditions permit. Atlantic bluefin tuna have made their presence known and offer a great opportunity. Offshore bottom fishing can be excellent in the winter, as well. In midrange waters, anglers target striped bass (if they migrate to North Carolina waters), and red drum fishing can be very good during warmer periods. Anglers should find a regional fishing website that reports daily catches or contact a local tackle shop for up-to-date fishing reports. Anglers may want to improve their chances of a great day of fishing by using the services of a charter boat or guide.

When weather permits, fishing will be heavy with anglers targeting striped bass. Striped bass fishing was good this fall at Mann’s Harbor and surrounding areas and in the Roanoke, Croatan and northern Pamlico sounds. Fishing was especially good near bridges or any other structure. Striped bass anglers should check out the Wanchese Harbor, as well. Striped bass fishing is managed through a quota, so anglers should also check with the Division of Marine Fisheries before heading out. Other good winter catches are spotted seatrout and red drum. Good places to fish include around the bridge at Pirates Cove, barrier islands, Roanoke Sound and Oregon Inlet’s Green Island Slough and rock jetty. Fishing is generally best from pre-dawn to mid-morning hours, then again just before dark.

Piers are currently closed. Most will re-open around Easter. Beach anglers may have a tough time fishing this time of year due to rough surf and adverse weather. But when conditions permit, some of the largest red drum are taken from the surf in the winter. Bluefish blitzes can happen this time of year, but it’s been a long time since North Carolina observed this kind of activity. There is also the possibility of some excellent speckled trout surf fishing on the beaches from Rodanthe southward.

North Carolina Central Region Winter Overview

Offshore Fishing
There will be plenty of excellent fishing opportunities onboard charter boats during the winter. The central area of the coast has become known for its Atlantic bluefin tuna fishery. Usually, cold weather has an impact on when those giants show up, but this season they are already here. How long they stay around will depend on the weather, as well. Other offshore species, such as king mackerel, yellowfin tuna and wahoo, will be available to anglers fishing the Gulf Stream. Bottom fishing for a variety of reef fishes is also excellent during the winter months. Several head boats operate throughout the year. Some of the best snapper and grouper catches occur during the winter. Extended and overnight fishing trips are offered. Also, bluefin tuna head boat trips are sometimes offered. Anglers on private boats can enjoy many of the same opportunities as those fishing on charter boats. Anglers fishing offshore will have access to excellent catches of king mackerel, snapper, grouper and other reef fish. In past years, with very cold temperatures, striped bass appeared on Cape Lookout Shoals. Anglers shouldn’t forget about the fishing on the eastern side of Cape Lookout. December should provide good false albacore fishing

Speckled trout fishing was good this fall and there were plenty of nice trout around as well. The upper creeks of the White Oak, New, Neuse, Bay, Pamlico and Pungo rivers should offer good speckled trout fishing. Creek fishing for speckled trout is a specialized skill, and anglers may want to consider using a local guide to improve fishing opportunities.

Most piers close for the winter season. Some may allow access, but catches will be limited. Shore fishing activity will be limited, as well.

North Carolina Southern Region Winter Overview

Offshore fishing can be fantastic during the winter months. Bluewater trolling for wahoo can be very good, and vertical jigging and top water fishing for blackfin tuna is outstanding when weather conditions allow. African pompano and good numbers of cobia will bite on jigs, as well. King mackerel fishing can be outstanding around Frying Pan Tower. Anglers should look for king mackerel in water temperatures around 67 degrees Fahrenheit and warmer. Bottom fishing for black sea bass, groupers and other various reef fish is good in the winter months.

As the water temperature falls, things begin to slow down a little. Most anglers target trout and drum in the winter. Most of the trout action will take place around Masonboro and Little River rock jetties. Those targeting red drum will find the bays and creeks behind Bald Head Island productive. Also, the striped bass fishery in the Cape Fear River heats up during the winter months. The most productive striped bass fishing occurs around downtown Wilmington.

Shore fishing is very limited in the winter months. Most piers close after Thanksgiving weekend and do not reopen until March. For those that do stay open, catches likely will be limited to puffers, skates and dog sharks. Fishing for puffers can be very good on piers during the winter months.

Viewers Submitted Fishing Pictures

Nothing this week…SEND ME YOUR PICS Brandon at Lateral Line Co dot com.

Fishing Report Summary

Well, that’s a wrap for this week. Not too shabby for January fishing.

Hope you have a great week and 🤞 on our podcast launch next week.

Please pass on these fishing reports to anyone else you think would enjoy them.

If you are a fishing guide and want to have your fishing reports included please send me an email and I will let you know what I need from you. Brandon at Lateral Line Co dot com.

– Brandon

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Sep 20 2019

East Coast Saltwater Fishing Report Slam’im Action updated Sept 20 2019

Published by under Fishing Travel Journal

Anglers are slamming in Montauk. Capt. David said the days are getting shorter, but the fishing it getting better.

Near shore in and around New York waters

New York Fishing Reports

Capt David Blinken from North Flats Guiding reported that Montauk fishing is hot. He said the days are getting shorter, but the fishing is turning up each day.

You can see his clients are also getting east coast inshore slams, albie, striper and bluefish in one day. Pretty work!

Montauk SLAM Fishing Report Striped Bass Fishing Updated Sept 20 2019
Montauk slam!
Montauk Fly Fishing Report Striped Bass Fishing Updated Sept 20 2019
Montauk light in the background. It’s game on!

Moving down the coast a little to the lower New York area, Capt John McMurray from One More Cast the ablie fishing is still going strong inshore and insland he’s catching nice stripers.

New York Fishing Report Ablie Fishing Updated Sept 20 2019
Albies on light tackle. Talk about a fun fight!
New York Fishing Report Striped Bass Fishing Updated Sept 20 2019
The inshore skinny water Capt John fishes is a blast.

New Jersey Fishing Reports

Expanding our coverage this week to bring you some New Jersey fishing action thanks to Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association (BHFCA). Welcome to the fishing reports!

As the summer flounder season in New Jersey closes on September 21 for another year, and temperatures start beginning to drop into the 50’s, the thoughts of the captains of the BHCFA are turning toward striped bass.

Beach Haven has long been an area noted for being within easy reach of outstanding striped bass fishing both in the spring and in the fall.

This fishing can be found in the inshore bays, in Little Egg Inlet, and in the ocean waters out to the 3-mile limit.

When you mention striped bass fishing in the Southern Ocean County area, serious anglers get excited about the plethora of striped bass contests that run throughout most of the fall.

These tournaments run the gamut from shore-based events to boats only and even some that are open to both groups of anglers.

If you mention striped bass tournament in Beach Haven, the first thought that comes to mind is the Sea Shell Club’s Annual Striped Bass Derby. This boaters’ only contest has attracted over 125 entered boats in some years.

The 2019 version of the Derby holds special meaning for the Beach haven Charter Fishing Association as the BHCFA Junior Mate Reef Project has been chosen to be the charitable recipient of this year’s tournament.
The event will take place from Friday, October 25 through Sunday, October 27.

In addition to being a key part of this year’s Derby, many of the BHCFA boats are available for charter for the tournament. Interested anglers can have an excellent fishing machine to fish on directed by an experienced captain, enhancing their chances at picking up one of the prizes offered in the event.

Interested anglers can go the BHCFA website to take a look at the boats available and find contact information.

Maryland Chesapeake Bay
Fishing Reports

Moving down the east coast to the upper Chesapeake Bay. Capt. Jamie from Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters clients have been seeing reeeeeeeed.

As in giant redifsh. And…

His anglers managed to land a few cobia and good sized spanish mackerel.
A heck of a good day fishing on the Chesapeake Bay!

Maryland BIG Red Fishing Light Tackle Report Updated Sept 20, 2019
Now that’s a light tackle red fish!
Chesapeake Bay Red fishing report updated Sept. 20 2019
Let’s get another look.
Maryland Chesapeake Bay Spanish Mackerel Light Tackle Report Updated Sept 20, 2019
Light tackle spanish mackerel. Now there’s a fight waiting to happen!

Capt Walleye Pete from Four Seasons Guide Service reports that not only has the red fishing continued to be really good for him, but he’s now moving to shinny water light tackle fishing.

He’s been having good luck with feisty striped bass and good speckled trout fishing.

Maryland Speckled Red Fishing Light Tackle Report Updated Sept 20, 2019
Pretty red fish, look at that tail!
Maryland Speckled Trout Fishing Report Updated Sept 20, 2019
Love skinny water speckled trout fishing!

Virginia Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports

Moving south to the Virginia Chesapeake Bay, Dr. Ken reports:

This past Saturday, we did a very short inshore trip. We caught some very nice Spanish mackerel along the oceanfront. We broke off our one king mackerel…don’t ask.

We managed not to catch any of the cobia we saw…really don’t ask.

Sunday we went marlin fishing.
Keeping in theme, we didn’t catch any.
We did catch skipjack, dolphin and a couple of yellowfin tuna including the first ever for Taylor Simmerman.

The other night, I had dinner with two IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame members: Dr. John Graves and, all the way from Australia, new inductee Dr. Julian Pepperell. John pointed out that we were three IGFA Conservation Award holders.

At dinner we solved striped bass, menhaden and all other ASMFC issues. We moved out into the Atlantic and fixed all ICCAT species and then moved on to the Pacific 🙂

The food was good, the world-wide fish tales were better.

After dinner, I went out on my dock and caught a bunch of speckled trout, silver perch, and shrimp.

Oh yea, that looks like some good grilling coming!
Spanish mackerel
Another nice mac!

Viewers Submitted Fishing Pictures

Brian with a nice redfish he caught at the CBBT.
He was searching for cobia, but this bull hooked up for a good fight.
Chris B. with a nice 54″ Cobia caught at the CBBT.
Released to fight another day.

Thanks Brian and Chris for sending in the pictures, some beautiful fish!

Fishing Report Summary

Well, that’s a wrap for this week. I am working on getting North Carolina fishing reports to expand our coverage.

Thank you for the overwhelming response to my question last week about interest in me bringing back the Lateral Line podcast to bring you these fishing reports every week.

Given the support I am moving forward and going to make it happen.

It’s going to take me a week or two before I can start to get it all set up again. I should have them online soon and will let you know.

Please pass on these fishing reports to anyone else you think would enjoy them.

If you are a fishing guide and want to have your fishing reports included please send me an email and I will let you know what I need from you. Brandon at Lateral Line Co dot com.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and is able to get out on the water to do some fishing! – Brandon

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These fishing reports are made possible because of our sponsors:

Build a Business:
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Sep 12 2019

East Coast Fishing Report Action updated Sept 12 2019

Lots of fishing reports happening up and down the east coast from Montauk striped bass and albie fishing busting loose to big redfish in the Middle Chesapeake Bay and nice Cobia still being caught in Virgina’s Chesapeake tidal waters.

Northeast Fishing Reports

Capt David Blinken from North Flats Guiding reported that Montauk is busing wide open with albie and striper fishing

David Blinken north flats guiding fishing reports Montauk fly fishing striped bass and albies
This picture sums up Montauk fishing!
David Blinken north flats guiding fishing reports Montauk fly fishing striped bass
Montauk striped bass

Moving down the coast a little to the lower New York area, Capt John McMurray from One More Cast reports that the albies are getting thick and dolphin fishing has been good near offshore

capt John mcmurray one more cast fishing report albie fishing
Decent size albies showing up for Capt. John
capt John mcmurray one more cast fishing report dolphin fishing
Fun sized dolphin

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports

Moving down the east coast to the upper Chesapeake Bay. Capt. Jamie from Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters clients have been catching some giant redfish and some really nice stripers on light tackle

capt jamie eastern shore light tackle charters fishing report chesapeake bay redfish light tackle
Nice sized redfish!
capt jamie eastern shore light tackle charters fishing report chesapeake bay stripedbass stripers light tackle
Fun striped bass light tackle fishing

Capt Walleye Pete from Four Seasons Guide Service reports that not only has the red fishing been really good, but the speckled trout fishing on light tackle has also been really good.

Capt Pete Walleye Pete Four seasons guide service Chesapeake fishing report speck light tackle fishing speckled trout
Nice speckled trout.
Capt Pete Walleye Pete Four seasons guide service Chesapeake fishing report speck redfish tackle fishing Wild Bill
Wild Bill with a wildly sized redfish while fishing with Capt. Pete

Old friend Wild Bill also go out with the Kelly D out of Solomons Island and managed another nice redfish on light tackle.

Solomons Island Fishing report light tackle fishing

Moving south to the Virginia Chesapeake Bay, Dr. Ken reports that the Cobia post hurricane is happening. I’ll let the picture do the talking.

Dr Ken Neill Virginia Chesapeake fishing report cobia

I am thinking about adding a weekly podcast to accompany the report and and pictures. Is that something you are interested in? Please drop me a comment and let me know.

If you are a fishing guide and want to have your fishing reports included please send me an email and I will let you know what I need from you.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and is able to get out on the water to do some fishing! – Brandon

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Sponsor plugs
Build a Business: Want to build an online business, start a side hustle, dump your day job, learn about how to leverage digital marketing for your existing business. Check out my Build a Business Success Formula where I teach how to build your business plan. You can do it in less than 72hrs!

Shore Redneck: Represent you are from the shore!

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Aug 28 2019

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report August 2019

Published by under Fishing Travel Journal

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports August 2019 Redfish
Think there is a big fish picture later in this post with a Jumbo’s fish finder lit up like that!?
You bet there is.

It’s been good to re-connect with a lot of old friends since firing back up this fishing blog and hearing some Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports.

Jamie, or Jumbo as he is called, and I first met over sixteens ago in Easton, MD through Tidal Fish.

We had been talking on the forums back and forth for a while and eventually figured out from running into one another in Acme that we lived in the same town.

Jamie was just getting into light tackle fishing at the time and I said I would take him to the Susquehanna Flats to catch stripers on top water.

The deal I made though was that when I called he had to put down what he was doing, jump in my truck and we would roll.

When the Susquehanna Flats fishing was in it’s prime the shallow top water bite was like nothing I’ve experienced in the way of having such big striped bass in such shallow water literally devour a top water plug.

It was Susquehanna flats season and I was watching the weather intently.

Mid morning I could see the magic moment forming. There was an approaching front that would be paired with an outgoing tide.

Sometimes I would get stuck in the middle of the flats because I ran out of water, but it was worth every minute waiting to get enough water to get home because the fishing was always spectacular.

I called Jumbo and his daughter answered and said he was mowing the lawn. I explained that there was a magic fishing moment forming and he had to ditch that mower for a light tackle fishing rod with a big popper.

She ran out, got Jumbo, I explained the situation and we were both in the truck headed to the flats within their minutes.

And that day the top water magic moment happened. We had so many big striped bass around the boat the it was crazy.

And not another boat in sight! Pics from that day, April 2, 2003.

Jumbo hooked up.
A happy Jumbo. Note Jumbo is about 6’3″ to put in perspective how big this striper was.
Striper that managed to land that day

In the last sixteen years Jumbo took light tackle fishing to a whole new level. You know when you see someone take something to a whole new level above the rest of what is considered “regular”

That’s the level Jumbo has taken it.

Now he’s retired and has taken up guiding. His company is Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters. You can reach Capt. Jumbo/Jamie via email at [email protected] or via phone/text at: 443-786-5266

If you’re looking for a good day on the water he has my highest recomendation.

And finally, here is your Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report picture of one of his clients from this past week where they managed to land a few “nice sized” redfish.

The fish finder picture at the beginning this post is where this redfish came from.

Caught aboard Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters with Capt. Jamie

Nice work man!

Fishing Reports on the Lateral Line Blog

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Aug 25 2019

Lateral Line Fishing Hat Winner

Published by under Fishing Travel Journal

Andrew T. is the winner from our last email newsletter where we asked everyone to give feedback of what sort of information they would like to see in this blog.

Fishing Hat Fly Fishing Hat Fishing Hat for Men
The Lateral Line Sea Foam Fishing Hat

The top responses were:

  • fishing reports
  • how to inshore
  • fishing articles
  • fishing travel trip-destination information

We are going to see what we can cook up 🙂

Thanks everyone that responded

Where can I buy the Lateral Line fishing hat?

Currently we are not selling the LL fishing hats.

How can I get a Lateral Line fishing hat?

Watch for contests in our email newsletter and here in the blog.

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Aug 25 2019

Podcast: Capt. Pete Dahlberg from Four Seasons Guide Service

Published by under Fishing Travel Journal

Podcast pictures while fishing the susquehanna flats fishing report
Capt Pete, Gerald, Superfish and I fishing the Susquehanna Flats in the bass assassinss vs. jig contest. pictures: April 23, 2000

I started podcasting just a few months after the “podcast” was invented in 2004. The episodes were nothing fancy, but people tuned in and enjoyed them.

While digging around today for my podcast stuff I found an old podcast I did back in December of 2006 while Capt. Pete and I were at the Kiptopeke Inn after a day of chasing stripers.

It has some good information that I thought you would enjoy.

Check out the podcast and let me know what you think.

Note: the audio link will open a new tab/window and should start playing.

The pictures above of are of Capt. Pete and I on the Susquehanna Flats fishing trip we talk about during the show.

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Aug 06 2019

Battle Tested Products [updated 2019]

Published by under Fishing Travel Journal

Over the years I’ve aimed to keep track of the products and services I use and which ones last and which one’s don’t. They are not all fishing products per say, rather products I use while traveling to/from fishing and also products I use on my normal business travel.

I hope my experiences and time I invested researching all these things saves you time and points you in the direction of super products/services to make your life better while on your fishing adventures, business or personal travel.

Stats from my last 12 months:

Miles traveled by Plane135,000+
AirBNB/Hotel nights85
Miles traveled by Car: approx.12,900
Miles traveled by Train/Subway approx.750
Miles traveled by Bike approx. (Strava died on some rides)3,200 Prime purchases98
Pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
(just checking to see if you are really reading this 😉

Best product so far: 11 items spanning the following categories:
Fishing Book
Travel Products and Services
Electronics and Accessories
Boat and Car
Personal Accessories
Pets (for our best friends)

Fishing Books

Fly Fishing the Tidewaters of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay – by Brett Gaba

Brett and I went to college together and he used to write for Worldwide Angler and Tidal Fish so I am a little biased. With that said I believe you’ll agree he wrote a really good fishing book.

While the title targets fly fishing you’ll enjoy it regardless of the type of fishing you do. Brett writes about fishing in each month of the year in story format. You’ll discover some unusual spots in the tidal waters of Maryland that you may have driven past and never realized you could pull over, grab your rod and hook up. It was published in 2015, but the fishing has not changed the places he writes about.

Time used: 1 read
Best price: Brett sells on Amazon in hardcover and Kindle versions

Travel Products and Services

Show image of product I am describing

Purefly Neck Pillow
I’ve tried a bunch of neck pillows for when I travel on trains and planes. This one is the very best I have used. I add some air before take off and it blows up as we get to altitude.

Super conformable, proper neck support, and you can adjust the firmness via the air value.

Time used: 3+ years
Best price: You can get a 10% off coupon ordering it on Amazon

Samsonite carry on bag  Leverage LTE Expandable Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Leverage LTE Carry On Bag
This bag is pretty much indestructible. I use it as my main carry-on on every trip. I can easily travel for a week with what I can fit in here. If you fill it to capacity you will need to do a little pushing in the overhead, but it will fit without a lot of work. The four wheels are key when having to do long walks to gates or to and from the rental car facility. I’ve ripped down stairs in a hurry and jammed it in all sorts of places. It’s still going strong. One of the best $120 I have spent on travel gear.

Time used: approx. 5 years
Best Price: Save $99 when ordering here

Zero Level Fitness Las Vegas Airport Gym White Listed
Super workout on a layover

Gym at Las Vegas McCarran Airport
One of the things I have always thought about while sitting at the gate on a long layover is what a good idea it would be to have a gym in the airport. I’d happily pay $30 for a quick forty-five minute workout.

Turns out someone at Las Vegas airport thought it would be a good business and built Zero Level Fitness. I used the gym a few times so far on layovers. Gym is big, has cardio equipment, super nice free weights, showers and towels.

Zero Level Fitness is located right under baggage claim in Terminal 1. Look for baggage claim #10 and take the elevator behind it to level 0. It does require you to go outside security, but is literally a three minute walk. With TSA Precheck getting back through security is super easy. I’m book a lot of transfers through Vegas because this gym.

Time used: approx. 2 years
Best Price: Check their website, sometimes they have coupons. Otherwise, pay when you get there.


Computer Privacy Screen

Laptop Computer Privacy Screen
I do not like people reading my stuff when I am working on my computer on a plane or in a public place. I had to try a few of these before getting a good one. Worth the money.

Time used: approx. 2+ years
Best Price: You have to get one that fits your computer screen, this one has over 200 4.5+ reviews. The one I have is similar but not longer avaiable.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Noise-Cancelling Review

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones
This is my third pair of Bose noise canceling headphones. I had one of their early versions about six years ago called QuietComfort 2. 

I upgraded to the wired in-ear noise canceling version that they had. They work great, but the one thing that was a drag was the wire getting in the way when I am getting on and off planes. The wire always would get caught on things and rip out of my ear and earbud almost get stepped on. I now use them as a backup to my newest ones.

These are wireless, they use bluetooth, and have been awesome. I was going to get the Beat’s noise canceling version, but after reading a ton of reviews, stayed with the Bose.

The sound is terrific, noise canceling super, has a mic to use for phone calls and wireless range is awesome. How about all those adjectives?! Highly recommend. They are a little pricey, but worth it. You don’t have to take my word for it, they have over 3,200 4.5+ reviews on Amazon.

Time used: Bose QC2 4 years, QC20 2 years, QC35 2 years+
Best Price: This is the best price I found and where I got mine

Laptop Desk Stand for PC and Macbook

Laptop Computer Stand
Laptop stands can get pricey. This one will set you back less then $20 and is a good as the $100+ ones I’ve tried and sent back.

I’ll warn you ahead of time, it’s a little heavy. It’s hard to find solid products these days, especially when it comes to electronic stuff that are generally being made out of plastic.

You can trust this thing is not going to break and will hold up. Looks good, works well.

Time used:
2 years+
Best Price: It’s an Amazon Basics brand and under $20 here

Boat and Car

Wash Mit
Yes, a $5.59 wash mit makes the list. If you are like me you are careful when it comes to washing your boat or truck.

I’ve tried a ton of mits and rags over my years and this is the best I found. It lasts and get grit off fast.

Time used: 3+ years, too many boat and car washes to count.
Best Price: They’ve come down in price since I paid around $8 for mine. t under $6 now, it’s a steal.

Personal Accessories

Hydro Flask Water Bottle
I received the 24oz version from a friend who stayed at our house as a thank you gift. I was skeptical at first having been through many different water bottles over the years.

This truly keeps liquids cold and hot, for real.  The 24oz is super to carry in the car and places where I have room, but too big to carry in my backpack.

I tried the 21oz, but it was too big for the spot in my Timbuk2 bag. The 18oz is perfect and traveled with me everywhere since I got it.

Time used: 2 1/2 years
Best Price: Pick your size and color to get best price.


Pet Water Dish
We’ve bought way too many dog and cat water dishes over the last twenty years. This one cleans the water, keeps working (many have died on us), and is made of stainless steal.

Worth the money to keep the water fresh and looks good.

Time used: approx. 4 years
Best Price: This vendor has best price I have found

Notes: I provide the links to help you find the best prices. I do not guarantee that they are the lowest when you find and read this page. They were the best when I bought them and researched them again to write this article.

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links. That means that I get a percent of the sale if you click and buy through the link. The money helps support this site and keeping blog posts like this going.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me at b at Brandon c white dot com. I always enjoy hearing from readers.

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Mar 30 2018

2018 Virginia Saltwater Fishing Season Kicking Off – New Fishing Regulations

Virginia 2018 Saltwater Fishing RegulationsThe 2018 Virginia Saltwater Fishing Season is getting ready to kick off. Capt. Ken gives us a preview of new fishing regulations for this season and what we can expect.

Spring has sprung and a new fishing season is upon us. There have been some changes for this year and likely, there will be more to come.

Shark fishing has become even more regulated this year. Anglers fishing for sharks in federal waters must now use non-offset circle hooks. They also have to have a special shark endorsement with their HMS permit. We catch sharks in state waters but if you do have an HMS permit (used to be your tuna permit) for fishing offshore, you have to abide by circle-hook rule even in state waters if you are fishing from an HMS permitted vessel. You can get this endorsement online, while ordering your permit. You watch a video on shark identification which is followed by a quiz.

NOAA has been encouraging anglers to release shortfin makos for some time. Now you will have to release most any that you catch. The possession limit is still one fish per boat but the minimum size has been increased to a 83-inch fork length.

There has been a good run of large bluefin tuna. We are allowed to keep one “trophy” bluefin tuna per vessel per year but what has become the norm, this fishery has been closed early again this year. The current bluefin tuna regulations allows for the retention of one bluefin tuna per vessel per day measuring at least 27 inches but less than 73 inches fork length.

The bluefin tuna have been large this spring. Before the closure of the trophy season boats out of Oregon Inlet, along with some boats making the run south out of Virginia, experienced great action on fish in the 500 plus pound class. On the last day the trophy fishery was open, an 877 pound bluefin was weighed in as the pending North Carolina record. Big tuna continue to be caught but now must be released.

Tautog regulations have been relaxed a bit. The bag limit has been increased to 4 fish. Minimum size is 16 inches. The season length has been greatly increased with a closure from May 16 through June. It is open the rest of the year.

Sea bass is another fishery that has been expanded. We had an open fishery this February for the first time in many years. The regulations for the rest of the year will be set at the April VMRC meeting but are expected to be an opening May 15 with the season open the rest of the year, without the one-month closure in the fall that we have had for a number of years. We also expect to have a January and February sea bass fishery for 2019 but keep following this.

The keeper-size for flounder has been reduced to 16.5 inches. The bag limit is 4-fish per person.

Tilefish regulations are undergoing major changes. We had no regulations from Virginia on north. When this fishery was “discovered”, Virginia enacted regulations while waiting for the federal system to catch up. Virginia cannot set regulations for federal waters but can regulate what is brought into Virginia. We have had a 7 fish tilefish (combined species) and a 1 fish grouper bag limit with a year-round fishery for a number of years. The federal system has caught up with tilefish (no changes with grouper so still just Virginia’s one per person bag limit). We now have an 8-fish golden tilefish bag limit and that fishery is open year-round. Blueline tilefish was closed. It will re-open May 1 and remain open through October under the most bizarre bag-limits I have ever seen. Recreational anglers will have different bag limits based on the type of boat they are fishing from. If you are on an inspected vessel (those licensed to carry more than 6 passengers) your bag limit is 7 fish. Examples of these boats here are the High Hopes and Ocean Pearl. If you are fishing from most charter boats, your bag limit is 5 fish. If you are fishing from non-charter boat, your bag limit is 3 fish. These new blueline tilefish regulations come with new federal reporting requirements. These new requirements are not being applied to those fishing under the 3-fish bag limit this year. We still have Virginia’s mandatory permit and reporting requirements for tilefish and grouper.

Cobia regulations have been very contentious the past couple of years with federal managers using data that is simply unbelievable to many. Virginia did not go along with a federal closure and set very conservative regulations for state waters. This year, the ASMFC is involved with cobia management and we are working to get better data. Based on what data we have, a 3-year rolling soft quota has been set. This gives us a number to aim for but will not require a fishery shut down if we get some crazy spike one year in survey estimates.

Virginia had the option of relaxing cobia regulations this year. We could have increased the boat limit to 4 fish, gotten rid of the “only one over 50 inches”, and gotten rid of the no-gaffing provision. A bit surprisingly, the vast majority of anglers and charter captains who weighed in favored keeping the boat limit at 3 fish and keeping the only one big fish rule. They did want to get rid of the no gaff rule. There were a number of options on the season with the majority favoring a June 1 opening and remaining open through the end of September. The second most popular choice was a May 15 opening and a September 16 closure. Personally, this second option was my favorite and I have not gaffed a cobia in years. What I supported at VMRC was what was most asked for by recreational anglers and that is what passed. I was rather proud of Virginia’s anglers supporting regulations more conservation oriented than we could have done.

So for 2018, our cobia season will begin on June 1 and you can keep fish through September. The daily bag limit remains 1 fish per person up to 3 fish per boat. Only one fish per boat may be over 50 inches. The minimum size is still 40 inches. The prohibition on gaffing is removed but please do not use a gaff unless you are sure it is fish that you are going to keep. The free Cobia Permit along with mandatory reporting is still required for an ongoing effort to get more accurate data.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Cobia Bowl. The Cobia Bowl was begun as a fun way for anglers to help gather information about Virginia’s cobia fishery and to help raise funds for fisheries research. Due to great sponsorship support and angler participation, this fishing tournament has been a great success. We are pleased to announce that we have even bigger and better plans for 2018. The Cobia Bowl is joining forces with the Old Dominion University Alumni Association for the Monarch Cobia Classic. Our goal is to create the largest cobia tournament on the East Coast. We invite Cobia Bowl sponsors and anglers to join us for what will be a fantastic event with great fishing, bigger parties, and even more fun all while supporting great causes. The Monarch Cobia Classic will raise funds to support scholarship and research. This event will be held July 19-21, during the peak of the cobia season. For more information about the Monarch Cobia Classic and to learn about sponsorship opportunities, visit .

So, what has been happening out on the water so far in the 2018 Virginia Saltwater Fishing Season? In addition to the great bluefin fishing out of Oregon Inlet, both yellowfin tuna and some bigeye tuna have been caught. Blackfin tuna are being caught out of Hatteras. As early as late January, big red drum were being caught out of the Hatteras surf during that early spring we had. Typically, about 2 weeks after that bite starts, we get them here on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. It was simply way too early, but there were rumors of both red and black drum encounters on the seaside. Then winter came back and stopped that talk. Now that spring has come back, expect the black and red drum fisheries to begin soon.

We had a winter fish kill that affected speckled trout, juvenile red and black drum, mullet and even striped bass. We will see if this has a significant impact on our fisheries with speckled trout being the greatest concern. The population appeared to be healthy and growing this past fall. Striped bass have made their moved into the bay and rivers and are available for catch and release fishing until May when there are some open seasons. Anglers practicing catch and release in the rivers have also caught some puppy drum with some of those in the keeper-slot range. Boston mackerel have made a showing and some have been caught by gill-netters in the bay. Tautog are the main fishery at the moment with the coastal wrecks being the most productive location. Bay structures have produced some fish during the warm times then shut down after the snow events. The bay will turn back on quickly as water temperatures raise a bit. The fish are there, it is just their activity level that is affected.

Thanks Capt Ken for the 2018 Virginia Saltwater Fishing Preview. You can visit Capt. Ken at his charter business page

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