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Lateral Line makes fishing clothing, fly fishing clothing, fly fishing shirts, fishing shirts, fishing t-shirts, sun protection shirts, fishing hats, fishing jackets, base layers, fleece, rain jackets, rain pants, tee shirts at Lateral Line
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Shop for Technical Year- Round Fishing Clothing for Striped Bass fishing!
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- Crisfield Fishing Shirt
- Miles Technical Fishing T-Shirts
- Lateral Line Fishing Hat

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2% For the Fish
We are committed to saving the fish for future generations. We give 2% of our gross revenue to fisheries conservation.

Learn more about our commitment, philosophy and about Lateral Line's nonprofit arm, the Lateral Line Foundation.
Check out our Fishing Journal for striped bass fishing reports for the Chesapeake Bay and along the Atlantic Coast for 2009..

Our Fishing Journal chronicles our other fishing adventures, provides fishing reports, information on how to get there, what tackle to bring, fishing guides and lodges, and great fishing pictures! click here
Our Lab is dedicated to the discussion of ideas and improvements on how we can improve our fishing clothing system. Give feedback on our current fishing shirts, fishing t-shirts and fishing hats as well as up coming products. Join our NEW message board. You fish and we want to hear from you!
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Lateral Line makes fishing shirts, fly fishing shirts,fly fishing clothes, fishing clothing,fishing pants, fishing tee shirts, fishing jackets, parkas, fleece, base layers, fishing hats, fishing rain gear, rain suit, windproof clothing, fleece vests, underwear, men’s clothing, outdoor apparel, and outdoor technical apparel
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