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Fishing Clothing Design and Testing Lab at Lateral Line. The fishing clothing lab is designed to get feedback from fishermen and fisherwomen on fishing clothes. This picture is of Brandon and Spencer working on the Lateral Line's Susquehanna fishing pants.

Fly Fishing Shirt Crisfield Summer Fishing Shirt Design FeaturesWelcome to the Lateral Line Product Lab. We created this venue so you can be involved in the Lateral Line product design process. You fish, wear and use fishing clothing and we want to hear your feedback on our current product's designs, features and materials and as importantly we want to hear your ideas of what new fishing clothing you would like to see, what features you would like to see, what materials you like,and even what you do not like and why you do not like it.

Click here to join the Lateral Line message board forum and give us your feedback.

If you would like to read about some thought that went into our Lateral Line Fishing Shirt system and our first shirt, the Crisfield Summer Tropical Fishing Shirts, you can check it out here


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