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Feb 14 2011

Tie Fest 2011 Report and Pictures

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I was glad to be home this year to attend Tie Fest 2011 this past Saturday. Tie Fest started as a small gathering of fly fishing and fly tying enthusiasts in a basement on the western shore of the Maryland Chesapeake Bay. The vent grew to take over a fly shop on Kent Island for a day a year and finally over the last few years had to be moved to the Kent Island Yacht Club. The event is now put on and sponsored by the Kent Island CCA chapter. The event is designed to be pure, that means admission is free to attend. The event attracts the best of the best fly anglers and fly tiers from around the world. We are talking the likes of anglers like Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Bob Popovics and many other great fly tiers. You can get one one time fly tying demonstrations and advice as well as casting demonstrations and advice by Lefty.

As always it was a great turn out. I snapped some pictures while spending some time at the show for your viewing enjoyment. Good seeing everyone and catching up, look forward to seeing everyone on the water this year and at the 2012 Tie Fest next year!
(You can enlarge the images by clicking on them; they will open in a new window. All photos taken by Brandon White and may not be used or reproduced with out express written permission)

The first picture sums up the spirit of the event, everyone learns from one another (those not familiar, in the picture is fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh on the right, Bob Clouser (creator of the clouser minnow) standing up and Bob Popovics (said to be one of the most innovative saltwater fly tiers ever) at the fly tying vice.

Bob Popovics fly tying Bob Clouser of Clouser Minnow and Lefty Kreh looking on

Bob Popovics fly tying

Bob Popovics fly tying Surf Candy Fly Saltwater Fly Fishing Fly

Bob Popovics fly tying

Bob Popovics fly tying Surf Candy at Tie Fest Fly Fishing Show

Bob Popovics Saltwater Flies Surf Candy Fly

Fly Tying Tie Fest

Fly Tying Materials at Tie Fest Lateral Line Fishing Hat spotted

Saltwater Fly for Saltwater Fly Fishing at Tie Fest

Capt. Chris Newsome Fly Fishing Fly

Fly Tying

Fishing Hat Bob Clouser edition

Lefty Kreh Fly Casting Lesson Fly Casting Demonstration

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Jul 09 2009

Lateral Line Fishing Hat Spotted Trout Fishing in Virginia

fletcher_rainbow_trout_medFletcher Jones pictured with a nice rainbow trout he recently caught while fishing at the Rose River Fram in Madison Country, Virginia while fishing his good friend Tige. That’s a heck of a nice rainbow trout Fletcher, and we also like the Lateral Line hat (yea that is a shameless link plug) you are sporting.  The Rose River Farm offers some great dry fly and nymph fishing. The private water they own on the Rose River is cold, crystal clear,  spring fed water that has a river rock base with very little sediment .  The water is rich in the kind of natural trout food that produces trophy conditions. Get this, Fletcher says all this with in an hours drive of Tyson’s Corner, VA!

Thanks for sending in the picture Fletcher.! We’re looking forward to seeing your next picture wearing a Lateral Line hat with a nice striped bass this fall from the Chesapeake.

(click on the picture for a pop up window with it in full size)

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Feb 24 2009

Who Tied this Saltwater Fly?

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Incredible Baitfish Saltwater Fly

Saltwater Fly for Striped Bass Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing

I received the picture of this fly from a mass email list of saltwater fly fishing friends that I am on. It has to be the sickest saltwater flies I have ever seen. If you know who tied it, shoot me an email at Brandon @ .  I am going to see what I can do in the way or reproducing it,  it will make one bad ars fly for Stripers and Albies!

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