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Jul 16 2016

Protect yourself from Crepey Skin when Fishing

Published by at 5:01 pm under Fishing Tips

Protect yourself from Crepey Skin When FishingAs a a long time fisherman who has spent a lot of time chasing fish in the sun, my advice is protect yourself from crepey skin.  Not only is crepey skin not good looking, once you get it you’ll have it forever. I learned all about it in my recent annual visit to the dermatologist.

My first alarm to sun damage was a few years ago when a sun spot on my face turned into something the dermatologist determined, after a biopsy, could turn bad in the future. He determined we should remove it. It was not something I was excited about given the location, but better to have it removed then get skin cancer down the road. He was able to freeze it off after two sessions. Easy enough, but it was the trigger that really brought my attention to taking care of my skin.

The next thing I learned about related to skin care was crepey skin. I had never heard that term and the dermatologist showed me some pictures and gave me a quick lesson on what it was, and how it happens. He also said that if I did not start protecting my neck that I was going to get crepey skin on my neck. When I asked him how to fix crepey skin on the neck he gave me a short answer,”It’s hard.” He then went into all the options to fix crepey skin, which frankly sounded more the condition does not really have a fix to get your skin back to normal. He countered, that while it might never look like it did when I was eighteen that if I took measures now that if I did decide to fix it the results would be pretty good and close to 80% of what it was. I can live with that.

Long and shot of all this is: If you want to protect yourself from crepey skin when fishing or doing any activity in in the sun, wear sunscreen! It’s the one thing that is proved by scientists that can truly help avoid crepey skin on your neck, legs or anywhere else. Some other tips that can help protect you from getting crepey skin through the years of fishing.
Cover up and tight lines.

Get a long sleeve fishing t-shirt to cover yourself up from the sun.



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