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Aug 04 2009

Northeast Saltwater Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Reports: Updated August 4 2009

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bmcarthy_bigstriper080109Some say there are not as many big striped bass around as there used to be, I agree wholeheartedly with that, but that does not mean there are still not a few monster striped bass swimming around along the coast. Capt. Brendan McCarthy proved that this past week with a nice monster taken on …………  Plenty of other striper action in the northeast this week all the way up to Maine….

Northeast Saltwater Fisheries News
Some anglers were a little freaked out about the recent appointments of council members to the Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council appointments who might labeled as “environmentalists” . Often times anglers get scared that these people are out to stop not just commercial fishing, but recreational fishing as well. Well, Capt. John McMurray waded in this week and provided us a good perspective that these appointments might be a good thing, not bad. Read his whole piece here.

Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports
*note the northeast fishing reports work their way up the coast from south to north starting with New Jersey.

New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Bryan DiLeo  from Iowa Fortune Guide Service fishing in the southern New Jersey waters from Atlantic City to Cape May gives us this report: The action in the back country remains a “steady as she goes” situation as we head into the month of August. The top water action continues to be priority laying the ground work as we head into the Fall run which looks to be very promising. Also August also marks the time for me to point the bow East of my offshore rig to head for the blue water in search of Dolphin & Tuna and Albies as we near mid September. This is now the time to start planning your fall trips both inshore and offshore. Email me for a list of my current open dates. As for Episode 1 of the Iowa Fortune TV, I look to be 2 weeks out from posting it so keep on checking back. Now that things are getting back to “normal” from the move I will be back to posting reports several times a week and if you wish to be added to my weekly reports email list (which just topped 200 people) just shoot me an email stating so. That’s it for now catch you later

The Beach Haven Charter Boat Association reported in from Beach Haven: Captain John Koegler of the boat “Pop’s Pride” reports good fishing for the past couple of weeks. He says fluke have shown up in Little Egg Inlet in good numbers, but not sizes. Only a few have been large enough to keep, but the anglers on board enjoyed catching and releasing fish. He finished off the trip by moving a little into the ocean and catching some good numbers of keeper sea bass.

On a previous trip Captain John landed two large mahi-mahi while tuna fishing. In addition, they lost a bluefin tuna right at the boat when the hook pulled. Looking to the future, Captain John reports bluefin action is improving daily, and Atlantic bonito and bluefish have been returning to the Barnegat Ridges.

Captain Carl Sheppard on the “Starfish” has been fishing both inshore at the reefs where he found some nice black sea bass and offshore at the 40-Fathom Line where he has found bluefin tuna and mahi-mahi.

Captain Dave Wittenborn on the “Compass Rose” reports his sea bass action is good. He fished the GS South Reef and had near perfect conditions all morning. He estimates catching 40 sea bass with a few big enough for the dinner table. There were a few double headers.

When the winds and seas kicked up around 1:00, Captain Dave made a couple of drifts by the OPT research buoys.  They picked up a keeper fluke along with a short.

New York Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. John McMurray from one More Cast Fishing Charters reported in this with this hot report from in and around Jamaica Bay area:
Well…  July, isn’t really known for it’s good striped bass fishing in this neck of the woods.  But last week it was pretty sick.  In fact, Tues though Thursday was pretty much off-the-hook.  A large body of bass followed schools of butterfish in and there were all out blitzes lasting well into the PM hours.  Some blitzes spanning acres.  Birds, boils… the whole thing.  We were getting them on poppers, but you could have thrown anything at them.  And get this, you go a little east, and there are large bunker schools getting destroyed by stripers.  Didn’t have the opportunity to drop a live one down as all my charters were flyfishers, but I bet it wouldn’t have lasted long.  Good stuff…  And not much in the way of boat traffic either, which is quite surprising. Didn’t fish over the weekend, but I’m told things slowed down.  My guess is that such a slow-down was due to boat traffic more than that fish maybe just moved on.  I still haven’t been able to make it far offshore as I’ve had inshore charters on all the nice days, but judging by the reports, it seems to get better and better every day.  Hope I’ll get a chance to make the run this week.  Stay tuned.

Capt. David Blinken of North Flats Guide Service fishing out of East Hampton, NY reported in:
The weather has been so so this week in the Hamptons, but what else is new in this summer of wacky weather.
Not much has changed since last week. There has been one new development and that is more bluefish have
finally come in. When the weather cooperates one can find them floating on the surface  with there fins above the water.

The picture is of a schoolie bass was caught in Gardners on July 30. With blue skies and a NW wind at 12 kts. In fact there were schools of bass passing the boat for two hours while we were at anchor.

This weekend we are back to severe weather before we return to a calmer pattern going into next week.

Bait is still spearing, shrimp, crabs and some sand eels. Remember to use not abuse or great resources. Tight lines,David Blinken

Capt Brendan McCarthy from Urban Fly Guides checked in with this report from in and around the New York City area:
Hey Brandon- How’s things? Just fished 5 trips in 4 days in Montauk and jeez, I thought it was August!! these pics speak for themselves. Just killer.

Redbone is Sept 23-25th. Really looking forward to it and should be a lot of fun. Give a call if anyone wants to contribute to a great and worthy case and fish like mad in the meantime. Check out the Tournament at:

Doing a few trips in Jamaica Bay this coming week, a bunch out of the  Northfork and then more in Montauk..Catch you on the report next week. Capt. Brendan

Connecticut Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Sandy Noyes from Rum Runner Guide Service reported in from in and around Stonington did not report in this week, we will catch him next week.

Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Mike Duclos from Tiderunner Charters reported in from Long Island Sound from the Watch Hill reefs of Rhode Island to Orient Point, New York area:
Fog, rain, sunshine, rain, fog and no; not the weather for the week, just one day on the water. The fishing has been inconsistent as well, with fish showing one minute then vanishing not to be seen again on that particular tide. If you are willing to spend the time there are good fish to be caught by hitting a number of spots. The tale of one trip this week sums up the July experience, Toke the ride to Watch Hill in the morning, no fish showing, fished Napatree and the rips for three Stripers and one Bluefish, moved to the outside of Fishers, hooked and lost one very large bass shy of the net on a 4″ baby bunker imitation, it was the kind of fish that gives you” the one that got away” bragging rights. Finished the tide on the west end of Fishers with another three bass with one a 29″ keeper size bass that made the day. If you enjoy being on the water and don’t mind putting in the time there are still fish to be caught during the slow times.

Capt. Greg Snow from Snow Fly Light Tackle Fishing Charters fishing in and around Block Island gives us this hot report:
Wow!  We are finally seeing water temps tickling 60 degrees.  With the crazy, cold start to the summer and lack of sunshine, we are just now getting into prime striper fishing.  This would usually occur in late June and early July so we are about 3 weeks behind schedule.  A thick lather of sand eels and butterfish are what’s on the menu with lots of squid for dessert as acres of jumbo Block Island stripers put on a serious feedbag. 30 and even 40 pound bass are becoming more common in the past few days so get ready for an epic couple of weeks to come.  Blue fin tuna and loads of sharks are in the waters around Block Island so let me know if these critters tickle your fancy. Capt. Greg Snow

Cast a Fly Charters skipper, Capt. Ray Stachelek reports from RI:
Sand eels are the prevalent bait supply all along the south shores and beyond south to Block Island. Early morning surface action produces a mixed bag of bluefish and schoolies. Look for early morning surface action from the West Wall all the way towards Charlestown B’way. Shearwaters will give the locations away. These are smaller fish on small bait. Who know where the peanut bunker are?

Block Island is still fishing well for all kinds of angling. Eels are the easiest way to catch a keeper bass. Don’t forget about an occasional surface plug. Needles at night, walk the dog types during morning hours. Of course, sluggos work. Give it a few seconds before setting the hook.

Fly Fisherman are having success using small sand eels patterns. On bright mornings the stripers become line shy. Increase your leaders if possible and work it slower in deeper waters. Plenty of fog each morning extends the bite into the late morning hours.

This week we had the tres amigos on board Cast a Fly from the New England Saltwater Fly Rodders. After hearing consistently good fish reports, Steve Murphy, Dick Henry and the legendary long rodder, John Mulvany wanted to try their luck at Block Island. Between the three they boated some 30 stripers all in the six to ten pound range. No large bass today, but all commented on the great fights with a fly rod. All of these fish have sea lice on them spending the summer off shore.

Also this week, Cam Stout, a dry fly trout enthusiast from California and his son Gus were on board along with their uncle Prentice, a local from Wakefield. We were greeted to dense fog as we drifted along the south shore. Plenty of small surface activity between the high rollers made the morning interesting. Cam managed to catch a few species before heading back to an early morning flight back home. The uncle is quite the birdwatcher and authority on marine life. He managed to photo shoot several shearwaters while diving for bait.

Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Phil Cronin from Capawock Charters out of Martha’s Vineyard send us this hot report:
Lots of Bass; Blues Return; Bonito Slow but Sure…Who ever thought that the bass fishing would remain this good at the end of July? If you want bass on the fly rod then now’s a great opportunity as acres of bass continue to drive juvenile herring up onto Up-island beaches. Last Tuesday evening I was absolutely amazed at the carnage going on at a favorite up-island spot. For a solid two hours I was surrounded by bass at my feet as I threw a white snake fly into the boiling frenzy. Fish after fish grabbed the fly and many were keeper size with my largest about 34 inches long and fat as can be. The sight of these fish crashing on herring and large sand eels with thousands of terns and gulls diving in the water was indescribable. I would have gladly surrendered my fly rod for a camera if I had only brought one. It was with a doubt, the best shore fishing I had experienced for more than a decade. ”Amazing “ is the only way to describe it and except for my buddy who was out among the carnage in his kayak, no one else was on the stretch of beach it was occurring. The next night several of my friends went to the location only to find the fish out of range. They all wished they had been in boats. The reason I was fishing the shore instead of from my boat was because my car was in the shop for a couple of days and since I trailer my boat I was shore bound and charterless. On Thursday evening I returned to the spot with my family in tow and everyone caught fish including my grandson Sterling. He lives in Florida and this was his first striped bass. Fortunately, I brought my camera this time to get some snaps.

This week was family time as my house filled with the kids and their families. On Friday I’m taking the guys out for bonito on the boat. Wish us well.

Speaking of carnage, the annual Martha’s Vineyard Monster Shark Tournament was this past weekend and the only carnage was caused by the gale force winds and 10 foot seas. One boat sank with the crew all rescued by another boat and several contestants reported damage and close calls as respect for the sea was put aside in hopes of tournament glory. The second day of the tourney was much calmer and some nice sharks were brought to the scales as well as many released to fight another day. Shark fishing is not my thing but it does create a lot of excitement on the island.

Bluefish News…
Bruiser blues are starting to return to island waters after a lull period. Five to nine pound blues are once again populating many of the shoals around Nantucket Sound and out back behind Chappy. It’s a welcome event as they are fun to wrestle on light tackle and fly rod and make an easy target when other species are hard to find.

Bonito News…
More landings have been reported with one boat landing three on Wednesday. It may be time to start targeting the bones.

Tight Lines and Singing Drags, Capt. Phil

Capt. Alan Hastbacka from Got Stryper Guide Service out of Chatham, Mass reports in:
Fishing started off real good, but by the end of the week it is real tough.  Coming off the moon the tides start to die and the fishing falls with the smaller tides.  The bigger the tide usually the better the fishing.  The smaller the tide the more you are going to work.  Sunday we had lots of fish without much work, and some nice size fish.  Allmost all the fish coming in on the 11″ peach rubber this week.  By tuesday I think the most people were scratching there heads, like I know they were here yesterday???  This happens every year this time, all you can do if fish it out, and wait till next week when we get back to the moon.  The weather has not helped with being able to go look for bonito either.  I have to make a run to find bones and between the SW wind cranked up and the fog I haven’t done to much running.

Capt. Joe LeClair from North Eastern Anglers fishing out of Cape Cod reports:
Fly and not fly fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Bluefin Tuna 🙂 has been pretty good. In fact the biggest surprise was the amount of hungry Stripers feeding on the surface again. It was just like it was back in June and we were in the same places. I have to say this year has not been like any other year in recent history that I can remember. I watched a 400 lb. Bluefin tuna chase bait 6 or 7 feet above the surface of the water just before sunset the other evening. It was an awesome spectacle of nature. We boated a 160 lb. Bluefin Tuna on the VS250b and the new Van Staal 7 foot spinning/ jigging rod in under 40 minutes. If you are interested in learning more about catching Bluefin on light tackle stop in and talk to Charlie at CMS enterprises in New Bedford. They have some awesome custom rods as well as all the tackle for this very popular new fishery.

I have also done some fishing for Fluke and Black Sea Bass with families on vacation with young children. One family went home with Striped Bass, Black Bass, Fluke, and Scup for dinner for 12 people. I heard the next day that the feast was excellent.

Capt. Lynne Heyer of Cross Rip Outfitters reported in from Nantucket with this report:
It really feels like summer, hot and muggy for us here on Nantucket. We have South West winds that are honking today but at least that is blowing enough to keep me cool in the shop this morning. A little tough to fish the South Shore today though.  The fishing this week has been up and down, mostly due to the ever changing weather. This summer has been tough at times because we never seem to settle into any kind of pattern with the weather. I guess that is the way everyone’s weather is on the East Coast this summer. To re-cap this past week, the Bluefish win out this week. The Bass are becoming more selective, but if you fish at dawn and dusk will be your best luck. Beach Guide Burt Went and Josh Gruss got into a few earlier this past week in the upper Harbor in the morning. Nice to know there might be a few Stripers still in the Harbor. I had Philly B (Mom) on Wednesday and we split the trip with South Shore Blues cruise and then a quick look on the flats. Philly landed a nice 29″ Striper on the flats and she and David Berry crushed the Blues on flies early in the trip. I will have to say the Blues on the South Shore this summer are large and great fun on light tackle. The Great Point report is that there are Blues up there but you have to hustle your fish in quick due to the ever present Seals. There have been a few reports of nice Stripers in the main Rip also. Johan Christofferson came by to tell me he landed a nice Striper in the Rip on his new Loomis rod this week. The news from the Bonito Bar is not to exciting yet. Lots of bait and birds and Bluefish so far. I did hear some had been spotted off Block Island so any day we could have them show.

Big news a couple of Bonito were caught. Steve Moore ran into me at Madaket Marine yesterday afternoon and was spreading the word. His daughter landed one that was 7.5 #s. Congrats to Steve ann his family.

New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing Reports
Nothing this week, I am working on re-connecting with a few guides from the area.

Maine Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Eric Wallace of Coastal Fly Angler sends us this report: Well he was supposed to send the report, but said sent me a message from his blackberry, said fishing was so good he has not had time to get off the water. We’ll look for details of all the action next week.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. Get out this week and catch some fish!



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