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Aug 17 2009

Northeast Saltwater Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Reports: Updated August 17, 2009

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bluefin_saltwater_flyfishing_chrishNortheast reports are a little thin this week, but we did get some guides checking in. The big news is that the Bones arrived in and around Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The Albies should not be too far behind. Oh yea, bluefin have been landed on the fly. The picture says it all on that front. Even with the elevated water temperatures there are still plenty of striped bass around if you are willing to spend the time looking. When you hit then you can hit the jackpot. Also around in good numbers are decent blues to give you a good pull on your fly rod or light tackle. (Pictured is is a nice bluefin tuna caught on the fly. The picture was sent in from Capt. Chris Hessert from Manhattan Fly Charters fishing in and around the New York City Area. NICE FISH MAN!)

Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports
*note the northeast fishing reports work their way up the coast from south to north starting with New Jersey.

New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports
The Beach Haven Charter Boat Association reported in from Beach Haven:

Some of the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are reporting very good action in the ocean on fluke and sea bass. For the most party the fish are biting very well, but the keeper fluke are still tough to come by.

Captain Frank Camarda on the headboat “Miss Beach Haven” reports the fluke fishing has been pretty good in the ocean for the past week with a good mix of keepers and shorts. The water temperature is currently right around 73-degrees. Captain Frank adds that the bay fishing has also been decent as the fluke are making their way to the ocean. He has also seen a few cocktail sized bluefish and some croakers around.

Captain George Finck of “Sparetime Charters had Phil McNeil out last week with son Carter and daughter Sidney for a day of bottom fishing. He reports the kids especially enjoyed the nice weather along with a nice catch of both sea bass and fluke. Another day he had Kevin Kernan and son Jack out for a nice catch of sea bass and short fluke. Captain George reports keeper fluke are hard to come by some days.

Over the weekend he had the McCauley’s and Smiths out for bottom fishing. The fishing was great despite a lack of keeper fluke, but they were happy to put a mix of sea bass, fluke, and bluefish in the fish box.

Captain Dave Wittenborn had Sarah Brown and family out last Friday on the “Compass Rose” celebrating Dad’s 60th. The conditions were excellent in the ocean, and the fish cooperated with practically non-stop action for some five hours. The happy party returned to the dock with six nice keeper fluke, several sea bass, and released at least 20 shorts.
Captain Dave had even better action on Saturday for Dave Nyre and his crew. He said he did not even have time to eat lunch the fishing was so constant. Besides well over 50 throwbacks, they had 16 keeper fluke. He went through extra bait he had brought and was cutting up strips of sea robin and fluke bellies which produced well.

New York Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. John McMurray from one More Cast Fishing Charters did not report in, he must be busy with his twins.

Capt. Chris Hessert from Manhattan Fly Charters fishing in and around the New York City Area:
Did not check in, but he had a great picture of a fish that I was not able to get in last weeks report because I did to get it the first try. I think the picture at the top of the reports about sums up the fly fishing action.

Connecticut Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Sandy Noyes from Rum Runner Guide Service reported in from in and around Stonington:
Bonito! We just came back from a mid summer vacation. The fishing was so bad it wasn’t even worth me going out for fun. Gail and I went out yesterday on reliable reports of bonito. We found some but as usual when they first appear they like to run around alot for the first week. We were back out there today and found more fish. We actually got one to bite and when he went under the boat the tippett popped. We did see more fish. There is plenty of bait around so they should build up fairly well. we did have to travel farther than I wanted to go but you can’t always wait for them to come to you. I’ll be out later this week.

Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Mike Duclos from Tiderunner Charters reported in from Long Island Sound from the Watch Hill reefs of Rhode Island to Orient Point, New York area:
The parts of the puzzle are indeed coming together as we enter the month of August. Bluefish as well as Stripers continue to be the daily mixed catch with Bonito now being caught to the east. Its just a matter of time before Bonito will become part of the daily search here. Had a great evening charter with some nice folks rrom Ontario who were visiting friends in the area. As usual, Jackie started off the trip by hooking up to a Striper near Race Rock and was soon followed up by her son Reed who hooked and faught a good Bluefish that cut him off at the boat. We moved to the Gulls and found a large school of Bluefish that were feeding on the outgoing tide; they liked our bunker and sand eel imitations. For a couple of hours we managed a fish about every other drift for a total of a couple of bass and around 8 bluefish. The sunset was spectacular; the perfect ending to an evening with nice people. Have a great week, tight lines to all.

ray_castCast a Fly Charters skipper, Capt. Ray Stachelek reports:
The upper bay could see some changes the next few days that will not be conducive to better fishing conditions. Tests have confirmed that a severe hypoxic event may be in the process. These conditions occur naturally in the bay each summer, but are aided by nutrient runoffs and rain. Slowly the oxygen level depletes. This can cause massive shell fish lost and fish kills in coves and isolated areas. Keep a look-out!

Conditions along the ocean front look much healthier. Tons of small bait continue to build along the shore. Mornings they are tight to the surf than move off shore a mile or two. Terns will be on them with a few snapper bluefish breaking the surface. It’s probably a mixture of sand eels or peanut bunker. This time of year they move closer to feed in the protected estuaries.
Block Island still is in a good fishing mode; but not with the same consistency of prior weeks. Electrical storms and recent hot weather have slowed things down somewhat. It should improve as it settles down. More and more bluefish have moved into the waters interfering with live-lining eels. Look around for small cells of stripers. It’s all tide/current dependant. We found that throwing the more lifelike rubber baits work best with a slower jigging action. Surface sea temps are near 70 degrees so the bass may be deeper.

Look for the false albacore to appear very soon. There are already some bonito around the island. That fishery should improve with the warmer weather and the buildup of sand eels.

Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Phil Cronin from Capawock Charters out of Martha’s Vineyard send us this hot report:
Bones, Bass, and Blues = The three “B’s” of the Vineyard Slam…

phil_jeremybone20090811lgSuccess at last; we bagged a “bone”! Now some people might think that refers to a reefer and some might think it means a bonefish and still others might think it has some sexual connotation but to those fishing Vineyard waters it means only one thing; the Atlantic bonito have arrived.  As of this report I still can’t say that they are here in decent numbers, but I can say they are here and are starting to show inshore and not just at The Hooter and other semi-offshore shoals.

The other important matter we can now think about when leaving the dock is achieving the Vineyard “Triple B” Slam; Bass, Bluefish, and Bonito. As the bones become more and more available over the coming days it is a doable exercise if you know where to find a bass. The linesiders have pretty much gone into hiding as the water temperature climbs higher and higher but they are available.

August is a fun time when fishing the Vineyard. Many of our anglers are not as experienced as the hardcore guys we take out in June and July. However, if enjoyment is any measurement of success for an August fishing trip, I’d say we’re getting straight “A’s”.

phil_bendlineAugust fishing is fun for all but for most of us serious fishing finatics eyes are now on the horizon looking forward to less crowds and the arrival of the inshore speedster to round off a Vineyard Super Slam; the Little Tunny! When will the albies arrive is anyone’s guess but word has it that a few have already been spotted.

A Reminder About Slams… The IGFA recognizes In-shore Northeast Slams (Bass, Blue, Bonito, Albie [any three]) and will award a certificate of achievement. See their website for details at

I had the opportunity to run Captain Steve Purcell’s boat “Short Fuse” for a couple of charters this past week. What a treat it was. The 29’ Angler CC with twin 250 Yammies is a fishing machine built for comfort and seaworthiness. If you are thinking of a charter and need to accommodate more than three people, think about contacting either myself or Steve at Larry’s Tackle Shop of Edgartown ( ). It can take up to six comfortably and is also available for off-shore tuna or shark trips. Mention you were referred by me.
Tight Lines and Singing Drags

alan_bonitaCapt. Alan Hastbacka from Got Stryper Guide Service out of Chatham, Mass reports in:
This bass fishing has been slow, but a few fish here and there if you are willing to grind it out.
We did get a few bones yesterday, but it was work.  Not like the numbers I usually think of for this time of year.  I feel like it is two weeks behind but who knows…

Capt. Lynne Heyer of Cross Rip Outfitters reported in from Nantucket with this report:
The fishing the past few days has been very up and down. A few more Bonito have been caught but it’s not red hot like it could be this time of the year. The hottest spot has been Great Point, the Bonito Bar and other spots off the West End have been slow as of yesterday. A few more have been seen but not too many being caught. It seems to be getting a little better so I will keep trying. The Bluefishing has been a little spotty along the South Shore. You have to hunt for them more. The Offshore Tuna bite has been pretty steady, the fish are considerably bigger this year so go with heavy tackle. The flats are still fishing well for Capt Jeff, he and Tedd VanBuskirk landed two nice Stripers just Friday. The fish are around just a little bit weird the last few days, but like me keep trying and you will be rewarded!!

Update:I did a quick report last night but now I have more details regarding the Bonito explosion yesterday. I thought I had done well with one but I guess
after hearing reports that was just the beginning. I will start with the
report from Great Point. Burt Went saw three Bonito landed on the beach at the North Parking area yesterday morning. I also had a customer in the shop late yesterday and he was on a boat and landed one from the boat. The report from the West End yesterday was unbelievable, later in the incoming tide I guess the bite went off. Joe Lipuma reported going 14 out of 15. Capt. James Kilmartin’s customers landed 7. I guess I went in too early!!!! I guess they are here. I hope they stay awhile. Get out your parking passes for the bar its going to get busy.

Here are a couple things to remember, the general rule of thumb is to anchor if there are other boats around you, leave enough room between boats to spin cast between each other, my rule is if you think you are to close you probably are, if its your friend and he calls you in then that’s cool. Don’t troll, generally on the Bonito Bar that doesn’t work well. For flies
yellow/white, blue/white and the epoxy minnows work very well. For spin the blue tiger stripe Yozuri Crystal Minnow, the new Yozuri Livebait Minnow Jig, Deadly Dicks and Maria’s. Get out and enjoy them while they are here they are a blast to catch.

New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing Reports
I made contact with a few fishing guides and it looks like we will get rolling with their reports next week.

Maine Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Eric Wallace of Coastal Fly Angler send us this report:
Checking in Sunday night and I will update the report here.

That wraps it up for this week.  If you are interested in an archive of all the past Northeast Fishing reports you can find then here . Now stop reading and get out this week and catch some fish!


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