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Jul 11 2008

North Carolina Saltwater Fishing Reports- Updated July 11 2008

North Carolina Saltwater Fishing Reports
Bill from Oregon Inlet Fishing Center reported:
“July 10, 2008 Fishing Report

Some nice big bigeye tunas showed up in the catches today. They ranged in weight from 97 pounds to 187 pounds. More yellowfin catches, one nice one had 10 all running from 40 to 50 pounds a peice. Best dolphin catch recorded was 8 they also had a 177 pound bigeye and 2 yellowfins. Inshore boats caught tailor bluefish trolling in the morning, trigger fish and sea bass bottom fishing in the afternoon. Open boats on all day trips caught cobias. A half day trip caught speckled trout amd flounders. Miss Oregon Inlet caught croakers morning and afternoon.

July 9, 2008 Fishing Report

Offshore dolphin and yellowfin tuna, scattered wahoo. One wahoo weighed 31 pounds. two sailfish and a blue marlin were caught and released. Weather a propblem. Thunder storms throughout the afternoon curtailed some fishing activities. Inshore boats caught tailor bluefish and spanish mackerel trolling. Bottom fishing landed good size triggerfish. An all day inshore trip combined both trolling and bottom fishing with good results on each. Open boats had good speckled trout fishing. An all day trip caught two cobias weighing 35 and 45 pounds. An AM trip caught and released 5 sharks. I missed getting pictures by not getting out there early enough.

July 8, 2008 Fishing Report

Good day’s fishing all around both offshore, inshore and open boat charters. Offshore there were a lot of dolphin caught, some wahoos, blackfin tunas and billfish. The dolphin had a good quantity of gaffer sized amongst the school sized fish. There was a 40 pounder and a 35 pounder. One boat had 55 another 25 dolphin. Billfish- there were 7 sailfish and several white marlins. Inshore good trolling for spanish mackerel and tailor bluefish. Open boats targeted different species. Speckled trout, black drum, flounders and several cobia were caught. Some spanish mackerel and tailor bluefish were caught by open boats.”

TW’s Bait and Tackle reported: “July 11, 2008 Fishing Report

Surf Fishing Report:
Surf-casters are catching nice Sea Mullet in the Corolla area. There should be bottom fish and a few Blues caught today.
Sound Fishing Report:
Trout, Black Drum and Bottom fish are being decked by the anglers on the Little Bridge on the Nags Head/Manteo causeway
Pier Fishing Report:
Avalon: Small Blues
Nags Head: Blues, Spanish and Pinfish
Outer Banks: Blues
Inshore Boats Report:
Open boats are catching Cobia, Trout and Flounder. Deeper water bottom fishermen are decking Triggerfish and Sea Bass.
Offshore Boats Report:
Large Wahoo weighing in from 97 lbs to 187 lbs caught on Thursday. Good catches of Yellowfin and Dolphin everyday.

July 10, 2008 Fishing Report
In Summary:
Chad Taylor from Bristol, VA caught a nice 11 lb 6 oz citation Sheepshead on Tuesday. Sheepshead are caught close to pilings and jetties. They are not easy to catch because they take small bites. You need to use small hooks and bait so they will take the hook. Sand fleas are the choice bait in this area, but they will bite on other bait such as fiddler crabs, mullet and shrimp. With the bigger bait, you have to make sure the point of the hook is in the bait.
Surf Fishing Report:
Scattered bottom fish.
Sound Fishing Report:
Anglers caught Trout early and now catching Spot and Black Drum from the Little Bridge on the Nags Head/Roanoke Island causeway.
Pier Fishing Report:
Avalon: Blues
Nags Head: Blues
Outer Banks: Blues, small Trout and no keeper Flounder.
Inshore Boats Report:
Good Trout bite. Spanish, Blues and Cobia.
Offshore Boats Report:
Yellowfin, Dolphin, scattered Wahoo and Sailfish


July 9, 2008 Fishing ReportIn Summary:
Shawn Ruzzi and Carey Foster of TW’s Tackle can catch Flounder.
Surf Fishing Report:
A few bottom fish.
Sound Fishing Report:
The Little Bridge caught early morning Trout and are now catching Black Drum and small stuff.
Pier Fishing Report:
Avalon: Blues.
Nags Head: Blues, Flounder, Mullet and Croaker.
Outer Banks: Spot and Croaker.
Inshore Boats Report:
Trolling boats are catching Spanish and blues.
Open boats are catching Trout, Black Drum, Flounder, Tailor Blues, Spanish, and Cobia.
Offshore Boats Report:
Charters had a good day on Tuesday, catching Wahoo, Dolphin, Blackfin and Billfish.”




Reported from North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries

From Knotts Island to Ocracoke:

Ocean: Offshore were slow, with only a few small dolphin along with yellowfin tuna, amberjack, wahoo, and assorted sharks.  Billfish anglers had moderate success.  Midrange anglers had the best luck, with nice catches of triggerfish, black seabass, amberjack, and a marked increase in striped bass catches. Anglers who were returning from gulfstream trips caught cobia and king mackerel. Most were caught about 8-10 miles offshore.  Inshore anglers are happy with the ongoing bluefish blitzes that offer high volume/short term action when seas are calm enough to access them.  There were some good catches of Spanish mackerel in the near-shore surf zone.
Inlets/Sounds/Bays: Catches improved considerably over last week’s action.  Flounder catches were the most improved, with some nice catches throughout the area.  Oregon Inlet yielded the bulk of them with some nice spotted seatrout and large croakers mixed in.  Anglers fishing the bridge pilings at Oregon Inlet had good catches of sheepshead, black drum, tautog and needlefish.
Piers/Shore: Bluefish  and Spanish mackerel in the near-shore surf zone kept anglers busy if they were fortunate enough to be there when the blitzes came through.  There were good catches of kingfish, croaker, pigfish, puffers, burrfish and seatrout.  Cobia catches off of piers were good, especially at night.  Red drum were caught off the beaches from Avon to Ocracoke.


From Portsmouth to Surf City:

Ocean:  Dolphin were caught at 240 Rock and West Rock. Dolphin and king mackerel were brought up at 90-foot drop and also around Big 10 Little 10.  There were good catches of wahoo offshore.  Headboats caught decent numbers of  seabass, grouper, triggerfish and vermilion snapper.
Inlets/Sounds/Bays: The east end of Bogue Inlet and Browns Inlet turned out nice red drum. A little farther north, in Back Creek and Eastmans Creek, the fisherman did well with the red drum.  There were few nice sheepshead caught at the Morehead City high-rise bridge and also at the State Port.
Piers/Shore:  Shore fishing was pretty slow this week, but there were some nice king fish (sea mullet) caught on the piers and a few keeper trout caught at the Fort Macon rock jetty.


From Topsail to Sunset Beach:

Ocean: Offshore, bottom fishing for red groupers in the 35 to 55-mile range was good. King mackerel bit well. Ten-mile rock, the shark hole, and the jungle produced lots of fish of late. Sailfish are showing up on these near/shore places. Flounder and some nice spadefish started to bite well on the reefs just offshore of Oak Island.
Inlets/Sounds/Bays: The flounder and trout were biting in the river around the Southport area. Live finger mullet or menhaden fished on a Carolina rig produced the best. Along with the trout and flounder, there were some slot size reds as well. Some big sheepshead have been showing up of late. The ADM dock and Snow’s cut are good places to try for them. Black drum are good possibilities at both locations as well.
Piers/Shore: Typical summer time fishing. There are some nice trout being caught on the piers in Brunswick County. There are also some keeper flounder, nice pompano, and sea mullets. New Hanover and Pender county piers reported keeper flounder, pompano, blues, sea mullet and a few kings.

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