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Sep 06 2009

Middle Cheapeake Bay Saltwater Fly Fishing Striped Bass Report – Fished on Friday September 4, 2009

saltwater_fly_fishing_bcw_2921With all the traveling I have been doing and still being boatless I have not fished the Chesapeake all too much the last two months. Don called me the other day and asked if I wanted to hit the middle bay with him and do a little saltwater fly fishing, I took him up on the his offer. We launched out of Claiborne boat ramp around 3:00pm just at the top end of the incoming tide and headed to Poplar Island area in hope of finding some fly rod action. There were birds everywhere, first few cast we picked up some punk striped bass on the east side of the island. . Ran into old friend from the CBBT, Brian, who said he had been out since morning and had a great bite fly fishing the whole time. We visited for a while and then he headed to the barn and we headed over to the west side. Messed around with ton of birds and more punk striped bass. Ran into a few more friends who were having some luck on light tackle and the fly rod. We fished this area for a while and then the tide quit, when it quit so did the fish, well at least we lost track of them. Hung out and chilled for a while and then as the tide started so did the fish. By this time there were a few more boats around and between all the running around they were doing in the shallower water it was hard to stay on top of the stripers. So we took a chance and ran south of Poplar, the gamble paid off and we found acres of birds and breaking stripers and spanish and only a few boats. We only manged to catch stripers, a little better grade then on the north west side of the island. We saw spanish jumping and another boat trolling was doing a number on them from what we saw and what we could hear from the cheers from their crew. As the sun started to set we headed back to the ramp. Not the biggest fish, but a great day on the bay with a friend and the long rod.

As a side note we did see the parking lot of what looked like a ton of live liners just to the north west of Poplar. I could not tell how they were doing, but I did count 26 boats in the area anchored so something had to be going on.

Tackle: All fly tackle, I had my 8wtSage XP rods, Don had his Orvis I think 8wt. Lines used were floating, 250 and 350 Rio Striper sinking line. 20lb Andre fluorocarbon leader and I was using my Blanco Baitfish fly and Don was using a chartreuse clouser on a 2/0 hook.

Some more pictures from the day below. You can click on all of the pictures to get a larger version, they will open in a new window.

Go get’em!






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