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Aug 03 2009

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports and Ocean City Offshore and Inshore Fishing Reports Updated August 3, 2009

baybridge_stripedbass_080209Just last week I was driving in the car and thinking to myself what a cool beginning for the summer we had. Sure enough a day later our normal hot humid summer Maryland weather arrived. As I am sitting here writing a good summer thunder storm is rolling across the Chopank River. I wanted to welcome Charlie Taylor to my fishing reports Charlie does a great job summarizing what is going on and will be checking in weekly with great reports.

Fishing has not been as hot as the weather, but it’s been consistent though out Maryland’s portion of the Chesapeake. The hottest fishing for striped bass has been in the middle of Maryland’s Chesapeake, while the lower portion of the bay has been producing some good fishing. Offshore fishing out of Ocean City has been good. If you are in Ocean City or along the Maryland Delaware Beaches be sure to check out the White Marlin Open weigh-ins at Harbour Island Marina at 14th St. and the Bay. The tournament is this week August 3-7th and is always great fun to see white marlin, sharks, tuna and dolphin weighed in. If you can not make it, they do have a live weigh in cam which you can check out here. Check the reports below for full details…

Maryland Fisheries News
August is vacation month, which means most everyone is out of town and not much happening. There is no Sport Fish Advisory Commission this month. However, the Man of War Shoal dredging topic still is a hot topic. This should heat up again in September. But check the section below for an informative meeting happening this week which you can attend if you want to learn more.(pictured is foster with a schoolie striper from the Bay Bridge. Check his full report here)

Tournaments, Events and Other Fishing Happenings

CCA Maryland’s Baltimore Chapter Meeting
When: Tuesday, August 4th at 6:30 PM
Where: Nick’s Inner Harbor Seafood, 2600 Insulator Drive in Baltimore
Cost: Free
Description: If you want to hear the facts and details regarding the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ pending permit application to dredge Man-O-War Shoal. In early July DNR submitted an application for a permit to dredge 5 million bushels of fossil oyster shell from Man-O-War Shoal, located off the the mouth of the Patapsco River, with the possibility of dredging up to 30 million bushels of shell over a longer period of time. The permit application review process provides the opportunity for public comment and requires a separate analysis by the Maryland Department of the Environment, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Maryland Board of Public Works.

This event is not an official meeting or hearing as part of the permit review process, but an opportunity to hear a factual summary of the permit application presented by the CCA Baltimore Chapter, to discuss the issue with others and an opportunity for members to let CCA’s volunteer leadership know their thoughts about the permit application and how they believe the organization should respond during the public comment period.

More Information: For more information please email
MSSA Essex Chapter Meeting: Brandon White (me) Speaking on Light Tackle Fishing for Striped Bass in the Chesapeake Bay
When: Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Cost: Free

Upper Chesapeake Bay Region (Susquehanna River/Flats to Bay Bridge Waters)
Most of any of the action in and around the Susquehanna Flats is fishing for largemouth bass. There are some stripers, but most all are small and not many anglers are targeting them this time of year.
A little further down the bay in and around Still Pond down to Worton Point and Hart Miller Island area light tackle anglers have had some success with striper plugging the shallow edges of creeks and shorelines of the bay proper in the early mornings and evenings. Some keepers have been being caught, however a lot of shorts. Some light tackle anglers using cut bait have reported a little better success on their hook up ratio for keepers.

Fishing in and around the mouth of the Chester River (Love Point, Triple Buoy)across to around the Middle River and Patapsco area has been decent for finding white perch and some keeper stripers. Some reports of bluefish have also turned up this week. Anglers who are chumming are having to go through a lot of shorts to find a keeper. Please be careful with fish when returning them. Mortality increases with the high air and water temperatures we have been having.

Anglers fishing out of Sandy Point and around the Bay Bridge structure have been having good luck live-lining for stipers. Spot were hard to come by earlier last week, but a good number have tuned up on the drop offs and reefs and anglers who are able to catch them and drop them in and around the rock islands and pilings of the bay bridge have been catching a good number of keepers.

Also in the area are plenty of white perch for bottom anglers.

Mid Chesapeake Bay Region (Bay Bridge to Honga River Waters)
The middle bay has seen good action on the western side from 30-40ft of water (basically along the edge of the shipping channel) from Deale all the way down to the Gas docks. Cruising the edge on a zig zag and watching your finder has been keep. There is plenty of bait and sometimes breaking stripers with bluefish and some reports of Spanish mackerel mixed in.

Also reported in this week has been some keeper flounder found along the eastern edges of the main portion of the bay. Locations have been kept pretty close to the chest given keeper flounder have not been around for a few years. They are out there, so it’s worth giving them a go.

The eastern side of the bay has also been decent with some good pods of stripers between the Bloody Point rip and in and around Popular Island.

Captain Walleye Pete from Four Seasons Guide Service reported that he has been been fishing the middle bay in and around the Power Plant over to the Honga fishing shallow water structure with top water early and late in the evenings with good success. He has also been finding plenty of bluefish around.

Friend Charlie Taylor checked in with his Charlie Taylor Fishing Report for this area of the bay:
Excellent bottom fishing is available for spot, croaker, flounder and grey trout at Snake Reef, inside the Severn River, near Brick House Bar, around Deale, at the mouth of the Choptank River, Sharps Island Flats, Richland Point, Hooper Island Light and the Old 54 Wreck. Snapper bluefish are available throughout the area. Better catches are coming on small gold spoons, trolled through the schools and topwater baits and spoons, cast into the schools.

Lower Maryland Chesapeake Bay (Honga River down to the Maryland /Virginia Line Waters)
Charlie Taylor checked in and gave me these reports which extend a bit into Virginia’s water which most lower bay anglers sometimes venture into :
Excellent catches of small bluefish are being made from Smith Point Light to Tangier Island. Many of the largest fish are found in deep water along the eastern side of the shipping channel, around schools of weakfish. Bottom anglers are taking plenty of keeper spot and croaker, along with some flounder and pan trout at Blackberry Hang. Pan trout continue to bite well at Mud Leads, with croaker, spot, flounder and bluefish mixed in the catches. Fair numbers of flounder are showing along the Smith
Point Jetty. Taylor blues are abundant around the Smith Point Light. The best bottom fishing in the Rappahannock River for spot and croaker was off Gwynn
Island. Speckled trout continue to hit rubber-tailed jigs, fished on the grass flats at the mouth of the Rappahannock River. Some cobia continue to be taken in the vicinity of the Cut Channel. Spot fishing is excellent at the Silos. Some large croaker and a few flounder are mixed in. Good catches of spot are also made at Buoy 16 and Bowlers Light, while one pound croaker are being taken at Bowlers Rock and just below the Power Lines.

Potomac River – D.C. – Fletcher’s Boathouse area is giving up some catches of bass and catfish. Downriver, bass are holding on wood cover and structure from Blue Plains to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Some fish are available along the riprap above Columbia Island Marina and a few fish are being taken from the War College Wall in Washington Channel. Buzz baits, spinnerbaits and soft plastic baits are taking the better fish.

Potomac River – Below Woodrow Wilson Bridge – Topwater baits and soft plastic jerk baits are producing lots of bass in the main river grass beds. Pop R’s,
Baby One Minus, buzzbaits and Zoom Horny Toads are attracting the fish. Plastic worms and spinnerbaits are taking fish on main river points, downed wood and man-made cover. In the creeks, bass are oriented to grass beds, lily pad fields, dropoffs and submerged wood. Falling tides are finding the fish aggressive, taking white spinnerbaits, while rising tides find them with their noses buried in the bark of submerged wood or in the thickest parts of the grass beds. Flippin’ soft plastic baits is the better method of catching these fish. Catfish action has slowed, but fish are still available on cut bait, clam snouts and crab. White perch are available throughout the river.  The larger fish are coming on 1/8th oz. spinnerbaits, Bomber 2A and Shad Rap 7S crankbaits.

Ocean City Maryland Offshore and Inshore Fishing Reports
Sue Foster from Oyster Bay Tackle and Fenwick Tackle gives us this report of the action from the Maryland and Delaware Coast:
Fishing this week saw lots of flounder in the bay. Lots of “shorts.” You have to work hard to catch keepers. But they are there! The bay also saw some croaker, Norfolk spot, and striper action. Surf fishing gave up the usual sharks and skates, big rays, Norfolk spot and a number of croaker after dark. Snapper blue action was reported on Delaware beaches along with a few kingfish.  Offshore action was flounder, sea bass, triggerfish, and a new state record cobia. Lots of dolphin, tuna, and marlin further offshore.

We at Oyster Bay Tackle and Fenwick Tackle finally heard of croaker in the surf after dark. There were also huge rays that took over an hour to get in.
A few bluefish were reported earlier in the week.  The bluefish were biting on finger mullet and mullet rigs .   We had lots of reports of croaker after dark from the beach on bloodworm and squid. We had reports of Norfolk spot on bloodworm, nightcrawlers, and Artificial Fish Bite Bloodworms. Sharks and rays were biting bunker chunks or whole small squids.

Assateague surf saw croakers and sharks, including some of the first spinner sharks.
Flounder!!!!  Flounder were biting in the bay. The keeper/throwback ratio is  about 50 to 1 but there’s a good amount of action and some nice flounder for the anglers that work at it hard.  The Thorofare, the main east channel just north of the draw of the Rt. 50 Bridge, the entrance to Harbor Island, and the bay behind Assateague has seen most of the action once again. Denny from Oyster Bay Tackle says: “You got to look for the clean water!”

Anglers continue to catch bluefish and stripers on the Route 50 Bridge at night. Anglers have been working  Gotcha Plugs to catch the numerous bluefish at night.  Others are using soft bodies on lead heads for the blues and stripers. Decent amounts of stripers have been caught at night. Anglers have had good luck with live eels from the bridge as well at night.  Shiners, minnows, and squid are the baits by
day for flounder.  Bloodworms are catching Norfolk spot. Anglers are filleting and cutting the larger spot into strips for flounder.  Smaller spot can be used live for flounder and stripers. Anglers are also catching flounder and stripers on small live finger mullet that have just showed up in the bay. You need to catch these with cast nets. Rattletrap lures have been working for stripers by anglers fishing in boats on the Rt. 50 Bridge. Anglers are casting the rattletraps underneath the Bridge pilings and catch and releasing stripers. Some really nice keepers have been caught as well.

We continued to have reports from anglers catching some keeper flounder from the 9th Street Pier and the 2nd to 4th Street Bulkhead on cut or live spot. There’s sea bass, some croaker, and some spot from the piers as well. Triggerfish on frozen or live sand fleas are around. Small tautog on the same.

Clark from Old Inlet (302-227-7974) reports on the 24th: “Spot, croakers and small blues on Conquest Road this morning. Spot moved through the Inlet
last night in big schools. Bluefish on the incoming tide this morning in the Inlet.Excellent flounder fishing between A and B Buoy early this week. 80-120 feet of water. A few small croakers have been reported in the Inlet and back in the bay. Buoy #20 is the hotspot.

Gulp baits are working on the flounder. The best striper fishing in the Inlet has been around daylight and dusk. Drifting sandfleas is becoming more productive all the time. Otherwise, fish at night with live eels and black bucktails.

Flounder at seabass out around B Buoy and reef sites 10 and 11. Heavy Spro bucktails tipped with long squid strips are the ticket.The tuna bite is sporadic and spread out around the Hambone, Chicken bone and Hotdog.”

Ocean City Fishing Center reports:
July 31, 2009
Many boats left from the Ocean City Fishing Center today including the Morning Star, the Bay Bee, the Ursula Priscilla, the Last Call, the Fortune Cookie, the Jade II, the Press Time, the Playmate, the Fish Finder, the Ranger, and the Get Sum. The Bay Bee had a remarkable day with three Flounder keepers in the morning, 40 throw-back Flounders, and a few Croakers. In the afternoon, the Bay Bee caught 16 throw-back Flounders and a few Croakers again. The Playmate charter hooked one White Marlin (saw three) and five Dolphins. The Presstime had one White Marlin release. The Jade II caught three Dolphins and one Wahoo. The Fortune Cookie had two White Marlin releases and caught one Dolphin. The Fish Finder had one Atlantic Sharpnose and four Dusky Sharks.

JULY 29, 2009
A total of six of our charter boats left the marina today. The “Miss Caroline” with Captain J.W. Hocker went fishing today and returned to the docks with 7 Yellowfin Tuna, a Skipjack, and a White Marlin release. They were fishing near the Hambone. The “Why Not” with Captian Wade Lober killed 2 nice gaffer Dolphin today. The “Fish Finder” with Captain Mark Sampson released a total of 13 sharks today, including, 12 Dusky sharks and 1 Atlantic Sharpnose. Our headboats continue to catch an excessive amount of fish, now is your time to join in the on the action! Give the marina a call 410-213-1121.

That’s it for this week. Remember to post reports and check for reports on a daily basis from other anglers on the the Maryland Chesapeake Message Board, tons of reports daily.

Until next week, catch some BIG fish!

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