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Jan 30 2008

Do Fish Shrink After Being Caught and Put on Ice to Take Home to Eat?

Published by at 6:27 pm under Fishing Podcasts,Fishing Reports

Brandon, Capt Steve and Dr Don with their first Blue Marlin FlagsWe were fishing on Marine Venture’s Makara with Dr. Don Hammond in search of a bull dolphin to put a satellite tag on. We had decided to leave Chub and try Highborne Cay since we could not find that many dolphin, or ones big enough for the satellite tag. We spent two days looking in Highborne and found nothing. Then the weather changed and called for wind, so we decided to head back to Chub and try our luck there for the last few days of the trip. On the way back we started talking about how fishermen have long proclaimed that fish shrink when they are kept to eat and sit in the cooler until they get back to the dock. Tournament anglers have long debated the topic. Dr. Don had actaully studied it and was beginning to tell us. However, Capt. Steve yelled down and said to put our lines in as we were just entering the south side of the pocket. So Capt. John McMurray, Dr Don and I started to get the lines ready in the cockpit. No sooner had I put a line out did I hook up and then land my first blue marlin. It was estimatedby Capt. Steve at 125 pounds. Not a bad catch for 30lb line and gear. We landed it, shot some pics and let her loose. We started talking again, but we were again interupted by another blue marlin, this time Dr. Don hooked and landed it. It was also the first one he ever landed. He always in the past had given them to another angler once he had hooked them up. We landed his blue in short order, shot some pics and that was it. Finally, we got back to talking about if fish shrink when put on ice, I decided to break out the digital voice recorder and do a podcast. So here it is, do fish shrink on ice? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out 🙂


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