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Aug 28 2019

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report August 2019

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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports August 2019 Redfish
Think there is a big fish picture later in this post with a Jumbo’s fish finder lit up like that!?
You bet there is.

It’s been good to re-connect with a lot of old friends since firing back up this fishing blog and hearing some Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports.

Jamie, or Jumbo as he is called, and I first met over sixteens ago in Easton, MD through Tidal Fish.

We had been talking on the forums back and forth for a while and eventually figured out from running into one another in Acme that we lived in the same town.

Jamie was just getting into light tackle fishing at the time and I said I would take him to the Susquehanna Flats to catch stripers on top water.

The deal I made though was that when I called he had to put down what he was doing, jump in my truck and we would roll.

When the Susquehanna Flats fishing was in it’s prime the shallow top water bite was like nothing I’ve experienced in the way of having such big striped bass in such shallow water literally devour a top water plug.

It was Susquehanna flats season and I was watching the weather intently.

Mid morning I could see the magic moment forming. There was an approaching front that would be paired with an outgoing tide.

Sometimes I would get stuck in the middle of the flats because I ran out of water, but it was worth every minute waiting to get enough water to get home because the fishing was always spectacular.

I called Jumbo and his daughter answered and said he was mowing the lawn. I explained that there was a magic fishing moment forming and he had to ditch that mower for a light tackle fishing rod with a big popper.

She ran out, got Jumbo, I explained the situation and we were both in the truck headed to the flats within their minutes.

And that day the top water magic moment happened. We had so many big striped bass around the boat the it was crazy.

And not another boat in sight! Pics from that day, April 2, 2003.

Jumbo hooked up.
A happy Jumbo. Note Jumbo is about 6’3″ to put in perspective how big this striper was.
Striper that managed to land that day

In the last sixteen years Jumbo took light tackle fishing to a whole new level. You know when you see someone take something to a whole new level above the rest of what is considered “regular”

That’s the level Jumbo has taken it.

Now he’s retired and has taken up guiding. His company is Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters. You can reach Capt. Jumbo/Jamie via email at [email protected] or via phone/text at: 443-786-5266

If you’re looking for a good day on the water he has my highest recomendation.

And finally, here is your Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report picture of one of his clients from this past week where they managed to land a few “nice sized” redfish.

The fish finder picture at the beginning this post is where this redfish came from.

Caught aboard Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters with Capt. Jamie

Nice work man!

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