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Aug 16 2012

A Fly Fishing Snowboard

We had to post this, it’s just cool! Signal Snowboards has produced a Fly fishing hybrid board with Steve Abel (of Abel Reels) for their newest episode titled “Reel Shredding.” This episode without a doubt will lure you in and make you smile

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Apr 28 2009

Lenco Trim Tab Trolling Motors Review and Feedback

back_bwparker21seI have had Lenco Trim Tab trolling motors installed on my boat (Parker 21SE) for about eight years now. A lot of people ask me my feedback and I have answered many emails with a lot of questions so I figured I would post a list of questions with my answers here for those that might be looking to purchase them. To be fully disclosed I did receive a outdoor professional discount on them when I bought them, however I am not paid by Lenco or anything. In addition the Lenco company has changed hands since I originally bought them so I can not comment that much on the new ownership other then to say when I needed a part here or there or needed my transformer box replaced they were very nice and resolved the situation.

I am currently selling my Parker 21Se and replacing it with a Jones Brother 23 Cape Fisherman. I am not sure if I will be going with the Lenco’s or trying the new Minn Kota Trim-n-Troll package. I like to try new products so I may go with the Minn Kota’s, but I am still doing research. When I make a decision I will post.

Questions I have been asked with my answers. If you have other questions feel free to email me.

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Feb 17 2009

Spotted Tail Productions Brings you an Alaskan Fishing Documentary

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Spotted Tail Productions, Alaska Fly Fishing Video, Fly Fishing DVDLast year we got an email from Capt. Andy Parker telling us that he was coming out with a DVD. He explained that was an Alaskan fishing documentary about the time he and some friends spent guiding and fishing in Alaska chasing salmon. Andy inquired about becoming part of our 2% for the Fish program and at the time we really did not even expect anyone to want to join; it was just something we wanted to do for Lateral Line. But, after talking with Andy we realized that there might a chance to open up the 2% for the Fish to others and gain some traction with it. At the end of the day it’s about the fish and the fish win with the more people that get on board. So, we came up with some guidelines and Andy and his company, Spotted Tail Productions, became the first member of the 2% for the Fish Foundation.

Months passed and we did not hear from Andy, but one day an email came across and that said he had finished his DVD and it was out for sale. We sent him some loot to cover his costs and a few days later the DVD showed up in our mail box. Andy and his team did a really nice job on it and if you areĀ  interested in fishing Alaska or just love Alaska fly fishing then this is a the DVD you need to see! It has some great footage and will get you jacked up to pack your fly rod, get a plane ticket and head out for a Alaska fly fishing adventure.

You can catch the trailer here and you can purchase it for the low price of $19.00 here

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