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Oct 24 2011

Lateral Line Seen on the Rio Paraná River

Golden Dorado Rio Parana Fly Fishing

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Jan 23 2011

Lateral Line Spotted Catching Pira Pita in the Jungles of Bolivia

Lateral Line Fly Fishing Hat spotted while Pira Pita Fly Fishing Nico sent us this picture of a nice Pira Pita he caught while on an expedition to locate new Dorado infested waters in Bolivia. Where you find Dorado you often also find Pira Pita which are a blast to catch on the fly. Nice catch Nico, keep the pictures coming!

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Jan 22 2011

One Happy Steelhead Fishermen

Andy Simon with a monster Steelhead wearing a Lateral Line Fishing Hat

Andy keeps chasing and catching steelhead. Another nice fish Andy, WTG!

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Jan 21 2011

Customized Lateral Line Crisfield Fly Fishing Shirt

Fly Fishing Shirt by Lateral Line Performance Fishing Clothing CompanyWe love to hear from Lateral Line customers. George bought one of our Crisfield shirts over the holidays for a good friend who is an avid fly fishermen. He wanted to add some flair to it and had his friends initials and a sweet looking fly rod embroidered on the cuffs. We like man, pretty customization, thanks for sending in the pictures!

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Dec 11 2010

Lateral Line Spotted in Bolivia Fly Fishing For Golden Dorado

Fly Fishing for Golden Dorado in Bolivia Lateral Line Fly Fishing Hat Spotted on Nico TrochineLateral Line Ambassador Nico Trochine spotted while fly fishing for Golden Dorado in an undisclosed location in the jungles of Bolivia. Nico, the Lateral Line hat you have on has a gps transponder in it, we noted the location as an HPS (high percentage spot) and we’re coming to fish there 🙂 That’s a heck of a golden dorado to catch on the fly, way to go man, we love to see action like that! (check out a larger version of the picture by clicking on it)

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Dec 10 2010

Lateral Line’s Miles T-Shirt Spotted in Western Montana

Any Simon showing off a native west slope cutthroat trout wearing Lateral Line's Miles t-shirt while fly fishing

Lateral Line Ambassador Andy Simon wearing one of our Miles t-shirts and showing off a Native West Slope Cutthroat caught on a fat albert from a Western Montana creek. Nice work Andy, sweet looking west slope cutthroat!

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Oct 13 2010

Lateral Line on NPR Radio Today

Maryland Morning wypr npr Radio with Lateral Line Fishing Clothing CompanyLateral Line was on the Maryland Morning show on Baltimore NPR Radio this morning on the topic of Benefit Corporations. Lateral Line was a founding member and the first certified B Corporation in Maryland and we will now become a Benefit Corporation in Maryland.  You can hear our little editorial and then listen to the host of Maryland Morning, Sheilah Kast, and her in-studio guest Jim Kucher, the Executive Director of the University of Baltimore’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Center, talk about what a Benefit Corporation is and a little about Lateral Line and our 2% for the Fish. Click here to listen to a recorded version the show.

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Sep 29 2010

Fly Fishing For Cobia off Virginia Beach Fishing Report

Saltwater Fly Fishing for Cobia in Fly Fishing Apparel Company Lateral Line Fishing Journal

Capt. Cobia Hunter Ben, Sean S, and I gave it another whirl chasing cobia with the fly the other day in the inshore waters of the Virginia Beach, Va area. A few weeks go we tried, saw a bunch, but could not get one to eat the fly. Well, we did get a bunch to chase the fly at the end of the day, but the fun was spoiled by a buoy jack.

Wednesday night Capt. Ben and I talked and he said it looked like Thursday would be a decent day, that he had had good success he last few days catching them on light tackle and eels and that we should give it a go on Thursday. I said, “Game on!”. Packed my bag, rods and reels, and loaded up the car. Got up at 3am and made my way down to Owls Creek ramp where I arrived around 7am. We packed up the boat and headed out to find a good chop on the water. Original plan was to head southwest, but after getting pounded for a while we changed our plan, grabbed the following sea and made our way in more of a northernly track. We looked in the open water, we looked on the buoys, we casted the buoys, we looked some more, made some calls to only learn that no one really had been seeing anything. Jet Ski Brian said he saw one….things were not looking hopeful, but hey, that’s fishing for you.

We got a call from a fishing friend who said there might be a bite on red drum, given we’d beaten ourselves up looking all over we decided to give it a try, maybe catch a few, go in and grab lunch and head back out. Capt. Ben put the hammer down and we headed towards the area of the red drum report. We ran about ten minutes and all the sudden the boat comes off plane, I look up and Ben says there were four cobia he saw, they went under when the wake hit them, but that we should hang a few minutes and see if they come back up. Sure enough two minutes later they appear. Ben points them out, I have them in my sights. We slowing make our way over and I shoot a long backcast, but it falls behind them. I make another, miss again, the fish changed direction. We move a bit and I make a forward cast, line gets tangled, have to get it out, if the cob takes the fly and runs (if it runs lol) I’ll break him off.. Now I am pretty much messed up, I’m watching them with one eye and untangling with the other. Finally I get it undone, two cobia have moved out front, and two behind just a few feet. We sneak up a little further on them, I ask Ben to turn the bow to the right so I can get a long cast in, I shoot a long shot, it falls right in front of them, I make one twitch of the fly and the fish light up and go wild over it, they miss, I make another short strip and one of them jumps all over it, I set the hook and come tight….stuck’em! We’re all jacked up on the boat, but now comes the landing part…..I can see when the fish comes up to the surface that it does not look like it is hooked that well, I give it another hard set, but still do not feel good, fish runs at me and I wind like a mad man to keep it tight, finally he goes down and I stay tight. He starts making his way to the surface again and I feel like he is going to jump and all I am thinking if he makes a good jump he has a real chance to throw this hook…sure enough he jumps, but the hooks stays and I’m feeling better about landing this sucker. I wear the fish out a bit and finally it gets near the boat, I think this is it, but the fish makes another run. Few minutes later we finally land the rascal. Mission accomplished! To say we were all jacked up is an understatement, whenever I get a new species on the fly for the first time it always jacks me up . Good times!

We took some pics and headed to where we heard the red drum bite was, turns out there were no fish there, but it did not matter to us. We headed to the ramp and had a big lunch at Rudee’s. Later in the night I made my way over to Ross’s Harpoon Larry’s Seafood Bar. There I managed to catch up with local legend, Capt. Pete Bregant, who I had not seen in a while. The really sweet part of it was that I caught the cobia on a yak fly he tied and gave to me fifteen years ago on my very first trip fishing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) area. Capt. Pete and Ron Russell took me out to show me what it was all about. Because of Capt. Pete and Ron introducing me to the great Virginia Beach fishery, I’ve had more adventures then I could have imagined fishing the area. I’ll remember this cobia on the fly adventure with Capt. Ben for a long time to come, and I will be back for more! Thanks Capt. Ben, you are part Cobia!

The Fly Fishing Equipment List of what I used:
Sage 10wt XP
Tibor Everglades Fly Reel
Rio Striper 250 line
leader: 2 feet of 30lb Ande fluorocarbon, 2 1/2 feet of 20lb Ande fluorocarbon
Fly. Capt Pete’s Yak Fly

A few pictures below (click for a larger version of the image)

Oh yea, put some bend in that Sage fly rod!
Fly Fishing for Cobia showing off Lateral Line's Fly Fishing Shirt and Fishing Hat

Capt. Pete’s Yak Fly that tricked this cobia

Saltwater Fly Cobia Fly Fiy Fishing Cobia Fly

What else can we catch with this fly rod 🙂

Saltwater Fly Fishing for Cobia in Fly Fishing Shirt and Fishing Hat by Lateral Line

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