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Aug 31 2012

Fishing T Shirt for Striped Bass Chasers

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Stiped Bass Chaser Fishing T Shirt by Lateral Line A great gift for men who fishCalling all striped bass chasers! If you are a regular here at the Lateral Line blog we you know we chase stripers in our backyard in the Chesapeake Bay and along the east coast Hunting these fish inspired us to design this t-shirt for our 2012 fall t shirt line for all striped bass chasers.

Like the design and chase other fish? Don’t worry, we have a whole Fish Chaser line of short and long sleeve t-shirts rolling out in our new online store that we have under construction. Don’t want to wait to get this t shirt? No problem, we’ve leaked a few of the Fish Chaser series on the Tidal Fish Online Store, cruise over there and check them out.

We’ll post a few the other designs next week. Have a good Labor Day weekend, get out there and catch some fish!

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Jul 11 2012

Cool Fishing T Shirt

Fishing T Shirt by Tidal Fish Chasing Striped BassWe always like to give a shout out to those that pick up the Lateral Line brand. Tidal Fish picked us up in their online fishing store and we found something in addition to their site worth giving a shout out. Their striped bass fishing t-shirt  jumped out at us as pretty cool design. If you are into the saltwater inshore fishing scene and chase striped bass this t-shirt is worth a look. It comes in short sleeve and long sleeve. And while you are surfing their online store make sure you check out the hot new performance fishing t-shirt designs by Lateral Line. They have them up in their fishing shop before we do…. ouch that hurts man. Keep an eye out for them here on the Lateral Line soon.

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Oct 24 2011

Lateral Line Seen on the Rio Paraná River

Golden Dorado Rio Parana Fly Fishing

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Jan 23 2011

Lateral Line Spotted Catching Pira Pita in the Jungles of Bolivia

Lateral Line Fly Fishing Hat spotted while Pira Pita Fly Fishing Nico sent us this picture of a nice Pira Pita he caught while on an expedition to locate new Dorado infested waters in Bolivia. Where you find Dorado you often also find Pira Pita which are a blast to catch on the fly. Nice catch Nico, keep the pictures coming!

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Jan 22 2011

One Happy Steelhead Fishermen

Andy Simon with a monster Steelhead wearing a Lateral Line Fishing Hat

Andy keeps chasing and catching steelhead. Another nice fish Andy, WTG!

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Jan 21 2011

Customized Lateral Line Crisfield Fly Fishing Shirt

Fly Fishing Shirt by Lateral Line Performance Fishing Clothing CompanyWe love to hear from Lateral Line customers. George bought one of our Crisfield shirts over the holidays for a good friend who is an avid fly fishermen. He wanted to add some flair to it and had his friends initials and a sweet looking fly rod embroidered on the cuffs. We like man, pretty customization, thanks for sending in the pictures!

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Dec 11 2010

Lateral Line Spotted in Bolivia Fly Fishing For Golden Dorado

Fly Fishing for Golden Dorado in Bolivia Lateral Line Fly Fishing Hat Spotted on Nico TrochineLateral Line Ambassador Nico Trochine spotted while fly fishing for Golden Dorado in an undisclosed location in the jungles of Bolivia. Nico, the Lateral Line hat you have on has a gps transponder in it, we noted the location as an HPS (high percentage spot) and we’re coming to fish there 🙂 That’s a heck of a golden dorado to catch on the fly, way to go man, we love to see action like that! (check out a larger version of the picture by clicking on it)

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Dec 10 2010

Lateral Line’s Miles T-Shirt Spotted in Western Montana

Any Simon showing off a native west slope cutthroat trout wearing Lateral Line's Miles t-shirt while fly fishing

Lateral Line Ambassador Andy Simon wearing one of our Miles t-shirts and showing off a Native West Slope Cutthroat caught on a fat albert from a Western Montana creek. Nice work Andy, sweet looking west slope cutthroat!

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