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May 16 2009

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports and Ocean City Offshore and Inshore Fishing Reports Updated May 16, 2009

Striped Bass Fishing Chesapeake BayThe Spring Trophy Striped Bass season ended Friday May 15th and we now move into a new set of regulations that last until Dec.15th: The striped bass season regulations are now 2 stripers 18”-28” or 1 striper at 18”-28” and 1 larger than 28” per person per day. Fishing is still restricted to the main-stem Chesapeake Bay from a line between Tolchester to the south pt. of Hart-Miller Island south to the MD/ VA Line plus areas of the Chester, Choptank and Patuxent Rivers.

While the big spawning striped bass are making their way out of the Chesapeake there are still good sized fish around. What is really exciting is that this time of year the stripers start to school a bit more which brings on the ability to target stripers with my favorite methods, light tackle and fly fishing.  The light tackle bite reports are pretty hot this week. Anglers are doing well from Breezy Point all the way down to Cedar Point Rip working the western edge of the bay in 30’-45’ of water. The key is to cruise this area and watch your fish finder for some good marks. Once you find the marks, drop the jigs and you are in business. There have also been some reports of bird activity and one of the biggest give-aways has been the sightings of large pods of bait/menhaden. Find the bait you find the fish more often then not this time of year, the birds will usually help you in this quest. With the recent warm weather water temperatures have risen; Thomas Point Light had a reading of 64.2F which is starting to get high, however with the approaching cold front this weekend it should curtail the water temperature from rising too much and prolong the good light tackle/fly fishing.

Trolling certainly has not stopped and anglers continue to catch keeper striped bass from the upper bay reaches in and around the Triple Buoy area down the eastern side in and around Love Point and following that edge all the way down past the bay bridge. Blue/white and chartreuse parachutes fished off planer boards seem to be a theme this week in the way of baits that are working well.

We also received a few reports of speckled trout being caught in and around the Honga River area. Most light tackle and fly anglers are fishing for striped bass, but the specks also in occupy the same areas and are finding the jig or fly. All this fishing has been fishing structure in less then Continue Reading »

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May 02 2009

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports and Ocean City Offshore and Inshore Fishing Reports Updated May 2, 2009

chesapeake__stripedbass_509Tons of fishing reports this week from all over the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake. Reports from different tributaries around the Maryland bay region suggested a large amount of spawning activity took place. Once these striped bass “do their thing” in the tributaries, it generally means the stripers are hungry and heavily feed as they make their exit out of Chesapeake. This most likely is what we can account for the hot bite that has been happening up and down the bay.  We received our first reports from some light tackle jiggers who found good concentrations of stripers below the Choptank River. Trolling anglers have been having their best luck with fish hitting in the upper part of the water column and fishing in less then 40ft of water.  (in the pictures Paul S and his friend George took their daughters fishing. They fished out of Breezy Point and managed to catch some nice fish and as importantly had a great day on the Chesapeake with their daughters. Click on the image for a larger version. Check their full report.)

Weekend/Upcoming Fishing Events
The MSSA Spring Fishing Tournament is in full swing this weekend with over 600 boats entered. Also this weekend is the Rod and Reel Fishing Tournament.

Maryland Fishing Reports

Upper Chesapeake Bay Region (Susquehanna River/Flats to Bay Bridge Waters)
The Susquehanna Flats season is winding down ending on Sunday May 3, 2008. There were many reports that the stripers were spawning south of the flats area in the main part of the bay in shallower water on the western shore and the eastern shore in the Elk River all the way down in and around the Sassafras River. Usually this is good news in that after the fish spawn the males will return to the flats to feed for a day or two to fuel up before heading back to the ocean. The females on the other hand will also head to the flats to feed, but generally only stick around for one or two tides and then head back out to sea. This pattern has not played out as much as anglers have hoped with some slower then expected catches. There have been moments of excitement with anglers catching a good pod of fish they have been able to catch with plastics, swimming plug, flies and in some cases top water lures.  Remember, fishing on the Susquehanna Flats ends on Sunday when it is no longer legal to target striped bass.

There are reports that the hickory shad are in and around Deer Creek and up ni the Susquehanna River. I had lunch with a friend yesterday who has been going up to Deer Creek on a regular basis and he said the shad have really been thick, so thick that he said it was hard not to snag them. Small flies in chartreuse, rootbeer and off white have been the trick.

Striped bass fishing just above the Bay Bridge has been steady. Most anglers are fishing the Continue Reading »

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Apr 20 2009

Aerial Photos of Maryland’s Opening Day of Rockfish Season on the Chesapeake Bay

On Saturday April 18,2008, the opening day of the Spring Rockfish/Striped Bass season I flew from the top of the Chesapeake at the Susquehanna Flats almost all the way down the bay to the Maryland Virginia line, making our turn to head back home at the Cove Point (aka the gas docks). What we witnessed was an incredible sight of the Chesapeake Bay filled with fishing boats chasing the elusive monster spring striped bass. It was an amazing sight. The pictures tell some of the story, but even they do not do the incredible amount of boats we saw justice. I shot over 500 aerial shots and a bunch of HD aerial video. Below are a sampling of some of the aerial photos. I will post more over the next two days as I get time to edit them. All the pictures are geocoded, however it was hard to be able to show you them in that format, so I took my handy Spot GPS tracker up and our entire trip is mapped as the last picture so you can see our route. Enjoy the sights.

* You can click on the photos and they will pop up in a new window. Each photo is 1200 pixels wide.
**Please note that all the photos are copyright of Brandon White and may not be used with out his express written permission.

The picture below is a view looking north up the Susquehanna River. Havre De Grace is on the left below the first bridge and extending left. The Rt95 bridge is the far bridge in the background. When you enlarge the photo by clocking on it you will see all the boats at the top of the flats easier.


The aerial picture below is a view looking northeast across the Susquehanna Flats. The point in the upper right is Continue Reading »

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Apr 15 2009

Catch Lateral Line’s Brandon White on Fox 1370 Sports Radio in Baltimore this Saturday April 18th

fox_sports_radioI, Brandon White,  will be on CalZone Outdoors with Cal Sutphin on Fox 1370 Sports Radio in Baltimore, MD from 6 – 8 AM this Saturday April 18, 2008 for the Opening Day of the Spring Rockfish Season in Maryland’s Chesapeake bay.

If you do not get he signal you can tune in live through the internet at here, just click where it says “Listen Live” and a player will come up.
just want to talk fishing you can call in at: (410) 481-1370

The show will be rerun at 6pm on Saturday night in case you miss the morning broadcast.

We’ll be talking Opening Day of Striped Bass Season in Maryland, trolling for stripers, light tackle fishing, saltwater fly fishing,, Lateral Line and whatever else fishing comes up.


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Nov 30 2008

Saltwater Fly Fishing the Chesapeake Bay Maryland Fishing Report Nov 29, 2008

Saltwater Fly Fishing Striped Bass Chesapeake Bay Maryland, Striped Bass Fly Fishing ReportI met Barrett at Kau Tapen lodge last year while fishing in Patagonia/Terra Del Fuego, on the Rio Grande for sea run brown trout. I knew Barrett through another friend who was a guide and he guided Tom and I for three days and we had a good time. Barrett recently came out west with another friend/guide from Patagonia and we crashed at Toms house in Jackson and all fished a few days out west together. Barrett is from Seattle, WA but has family from PA and his grandmother as it turns out rented a house outside St. Micheals for his family for Thanksgiving. Barrette had never caught a striped bass before so it was only appropriate that we fix that while he was here on the shore. So yesterday Barrett and I headed out of the Tred Avon River around noon. The river water temps had definitely dropped since the last time I was out a week ago. My unit was reading in the lower 40’s in the Tred Avon and in the Choptank around Choptank Light. We had no marks as we rode out in the river, finally towards the mouth we saw a few big seagulls sitting and found some marks, but nothing I thought was worth trying, so we headed out towards the main bay. Looks north in the glasses along Tilghman and nada other then some guys setting new stakes for a pound net. Talked to one guy in a Parker who ran down from Annapolis area and he said he did not see any birds or breaking fish running all the way down. That was not good news, but I was still hopeful as the water temps warmed up a bit from the river coming in in the higher 40’s. We ran across to the radar towers and nothing, then we ran down the western side doing zig zags looking for marks. Saw a wad of trolling boats out from Parkers Creek and saw a few people hooked up, but did not looks like any big fish. Soooo we kept going south. Finally landed at the fish bowl (aka rips) and there were a bunch of boats there, but everything was working together and drifting and it all went well. We tried LTJ and I hooked one right away, not big but at least got the skunk out of the boat. We decided to pick up the fly rods and it was not long before I had one and then the big moment came, Barrett hooked up with his first striped bass and on the fly as a bonus. After a while we moved a little of the rips and managed to locate a nice school of fish that were suspended from the bottom up to about ten feet from the top of the water and we had steady action of the fly for about an hour and a half. The sun was making its way down to the trees around 3:50pm so I checked my lights to make sure everything was good, but my bow light was out and I did not have a spare bulb. Barrett hooked one more and we decided it would be safe and warmer to get to the ramp at sun down. We unhooked his striper, backed up and put the hammer down back to the ramp. It was a smooth ride all the way home and turned out to be a nice day on the water. No big fish, mostly all sub 18, but still good action on the fly and for Battett it was heaven with his first stripers.

Saw Step Child at the ramp who had a good day LTJing and it was nice talking to a bunch of fellow TFers on the radio.

Barrett and I are meeting our friend Tom tomorrow in Ft Lauderdaleare and then headed to South Andros in the Bahamas in the afternoon to go chase some bones for a few days. I’ll report from down there.

Good talking and seeing everyone out on the water yesterday! Save some stripers for me while I’m gone.


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Nov 23 2008

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports and Ocean City Offshore and Inshore Fishing Reports: Updated November 23, 2008

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports, Maryland Striped Bass Fishing Reports, Light Tackle Jigging, Saltwater Fly FishingDo not put those boats away just yet, if you have not heard the Maryland Striped Bass Season has been extended through December 31st.  The recent cold front has lowered water temperatures, but there are still breaking stripers to be found and trolling anglers are picking up some very nice stripers. If you are looking for the bigger striped bass make your way to the middle and lower Maryland portion of the bay. Check out the reports below for more.

(pictured:Shawn Kimbro with his faithful fishing friend along with a nice striped bass caught in the upper portion of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay before the recent blow. Check out  his full fishing report with pictures here )

Maryland Fisheries News
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is taking a hard stance on making sure the Chesapeake Bay has clean water and is suing the EPA. Read more here .

Weekend/Upcoming Fishing Events
Nothing in the way of fishing tournaments this coming week.

Maryland Fishing Reports

Upper Chesapeake Bay Region (Susquehanna River/Flats to Bay Bridge Waters)
Striped Bass fishing has been slow in and around the Susquehanna Flats area down the Poole’s Island area. There have been a few reports of anglers catching some fish on topwater working the shorelines, but it has been a few fish each trip and nothing too big.  There are still some reports of breaking stripers in the waters out front of Rock Hall, but the stripers have been on the smaller size ranging from sub-legal to twenty one inches. The same thing has been reported in and around the mouth of the Chester River at Love Point. For a recent report from Shawn Kimbro click here

Mid Chesapeake Bay Region (Bay Bridge to Honga River Waters)
The middle Maryland portion of the bay has been hot for light tacking jigging as well as trolling anglers when they have been able to get out between fronts and strong winds. Breaking stripers have been showing up between Bloody Point all the way down to the mouth of the Little Choptank, with the concentration of breaking stripers from Poplar Island across the bay to Deale and south to the mouth of the Choptank and across on the western shore to in and around Parkers Creek. 

There have been a lot of reports from the middle part of the bay from light tackle jiggers and trolling anglers. Check the Maryland Chesapeake Message Board for full reports with pictures.

Lower Maryland Chesapeake Bay (Honga River down to the Maryland /Virginia Line Waters)
Mike and Christy from Buzz’s Marina in Ridge buzzed in a report this week and saidMike and Christy from Buzz’s Marina in Ridge buzzed in a report this past week and said of a recent trip , “Jeff Popp brought the Vista Lady back and he had no problem finding the fish but he never seems to have one. He fished between 72 and 70. A local charter capt caught five fish a mile outside Point No Point Lighthouse right at the first drop off in an hours time. The fish are scattered but when you find bait, you find fish. Well over 20 boats launched here Sunday with only two or three skunks which is pretty good. The fish ranged from the high thirties to the mid forties on Sunday. All fat and healthy! Christy”

Watch this area for fishing to pick up until the end of the year. While not many anglers venture down in this part of the bay in December, it’s well known by the locals that the fishing can be spectacular.

Ocean City Maryland Offshore Fishing Reports

Ocean City Fishing Center reported:
The Striper fishing seems to be picking up.  Quite a few keepers were caught this past weekend in the bay.  The Tautog bite is still doing well.  Capt. Monty on the Morning Star has been catching them in good numbers.

Sue Foster from Oyster Bay Tackle and Fenwick Tackle reported:
Big Blues! Fishing this week was great on big blues from the surf on
Wednesday and Thursday. Some nice stripers were caught as well from the
Route 50 Bridge, the waters close to the Bridge, and from the surf. Tautog were biting in their usual haunts. Then, the weather came upon us again and made fishing difficult. Anglers still caught some fish, but holding bottom in the surf was tough if not impossible, and winds dirtied the water in the bay by Sunday. The few days the party boats got out, fishing was productive.

Assateague surf produced a few nice stripers, one drum, and some bluefish from small to large. The weekend weather put a damper on the fishing, but mid-week it was good everywhere!
he big bluefish hit the Ocean City and Delaware Beaches on Wednesday and Thursday. Almost everyone that fished caught at least one nice one.  Some stripers were also caught in the mix. The cameras at Oyster Bay and Fenwick Tackle were snapping!

Delaware Fishing Reports
There were some nice stripers, up to 44-inches, caught up by
the Cape Henelopen Point in the Del Seashore State Park mid-week. One angler came in to say they were snagging bunkers with treble hooks and chunking them up and catching big blues and nice stripers.
Clark from Old Inlet reports lots of short stripers in the Indian River Inlet with some keepers mixed in. Larger ones are just offshore. Stay within the 3 mile limit to be legal. Lots of tautog on the rocks in Indian River too.

That’s it for this week. Remember to post reports and check for reports on a daily basis from other anglers fishing Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay on the’s Maryland Chesapeake Message Board, there are so many Striped Bass Fishing Reports it’s hard even keeping up.

Until next week, good times,and good fishing!

Brandon White Striped Bass Light Tackle Fishing

Chief Angler

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Sep 01 2008

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports and Ocean City Offshore and Inshore Fishing Reports: Updated Sept. 1, 2008

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports, Maryland Fishing Reports, Chesapeake Stripedbass Fishing Reports, striper, rockfishLabor Day comes each year with mixed emotions. It marks the end of summer, summer vacations are over, summer hours at the office are over, the kids go back to school, work seems to get more serious, the traffic on rt50 through Easton lightens which I greatly welcome, the Canada geese start to tickle in their annual winter migration and as importantly it marks some cooling weather and schooling, breaking fish throughout the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. And in the fishing reports this week we see just that, breaking keeper stripers, nice sized bluefish and nice catches of Spanish mackerel from the upper reaches of the Chesapeake in and around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge  all the way down to Point No Point.
(pictured: fellow Tidal Fisher Marium with some nice keeper stripers caught out of Sandy Point State Park this past week. Check out  spynet000’s full fishing report with pictures here )

Maryland Fisheries News
This week marked the beginning of the new crabbing regulations where commercial crabbers have limits on the amount of female crabs they can keep. Eventually later in the season no female crabs will be allowed to be kept. Recreational crabbers have not been allowed to keep female crabs this entire season and the restriction continues on recreational crabbers the rest of the season.

In other news, the ASMFC has a new panel that is going to look into the “Ecological Management of Menhaden”. More on that in my Lateral Line Blog here if you are interested.

In Striped Bass news a new report came out that suggests that the striped bass population along the east coast are healthy. Many anglers, including myself, question if there are as many big stripers along the coast as there used to be. You can read more on this here and make your own convulsion after reading the report.

In one last piece of news it appears that the dead zones, or red tides as they are sometimes called, that appear in the Chesapeake in the hot summer months are not just isolated occurrences, in fact it appears that that dead zones are spreading and expanding through out all the oceans of the world. Check out a map and more on this here .

Weekend/Upcoming Fishing Events
Deale Captains Association’s 1st Annual Fishing tournament
Date: September 6-7, 2008
Details: The first annual fishing tournament out of Deale, MD. $8,000 in prize money.
Full details here

Flyfest VII
When: September 6, 2008
Where: North of Solomons Island on the Patuxent River
Details: This event spawned out of fly fishing angler son Tidal Fish. The event is in its seventh year and attracts anglers of all skill levels. There will be fly tying, fly casting lessons and plenty of fly fishing talk. Admission is free and all are welcomed.
Full details here

Maryland Fishing Reports

Upper Chesapeake Bay Region (Susquehanna River/Flats to Bay Bridge Waters)
Striped Bass fishing has been a bit slow in and around the Susquehanna Flats area down the Poole’s Island area. However, a few reports came in from those fishing below the Conowingo Dam that they have been catching nice fish in the early morning and evening. But, most of the stripers have been concentrated in the lower upper bay area in and around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Live lining seems to be the method of choice for anglers fishing in and around the Bay Bridge area. The pilings of the bay bridge have been holding good numbers of and keeper stripers. The sewer pipe on the eastern shore side has also been a good area as well the the drop off at the mouth of the Chesapeake at Love Point. Anglers have been finding spot at Podickory Point, Hackett’s bar and at the mouth of the Chester River.

Mid Chesapeake Bay Region (Bay Bridge to Honga River Waters)
Breaking striped bass, nice sized bluefish, and Spanish mackerel have been daily happenings from Thomas Point Light all the way down to Cove Point area by the Gas Docks. There have even been some keeper flounder being reported this past week. Many of the striped bass have been schoolie sub-legal size, but there have been a nice mix of keeper fish up to 23 inches in the mix. Plenty of good sized blue fish are mixed in and lots of Spanish mackerel. Most anglers are catching the striped bass and bluefish from casting small bucktails or plastics. If you want to target the Spanish mackerel the key has been a fast troll using clark spoons.

Fellow Tidal Fisher Jason Noriris posted the below report from out of the Solomon’s area:
Went out this morning in the supposed to be 5 k nne wind was more like  10-15 ne. Was running over to HI when we saw Birds and breaking fish at cedar point. Picked up some nice blues and some under size rock around 17 inches. Chartuese king called said he was hammering the mac south of HI. Quick ride over and we imediatly picked up a mac. Kept picking up blues while kyle was picking up macs. He was catching all on a # 3 planner deep. I thought I had a #3 but didn’t have it on the boat. Ended up loosing one more mac and catching another. All in total we caught 3 mac’s,10 blues,8 rocks. & was back in time for lunch. Have not been fishing since my son was born 3 weeks ago so wanted to get back and help my wife with little man..

Fellow Tidal Fisher Phillk999 had a banner day catching over nine different species in and around Popular Island. His report :
Today, I wanted to target 2 different species I have not caught on my boat, Spanish Macs and Flounder. I found a crew of Ed (Whiskey99), Pat and Frank, who were willing to make the long run south and we headed out at 5:30 AM with Spanish Macs being up first and Poplar Island being the destination. The weatherman was a little off with the winds over the 5-10 predicted and they were going straight down the bay, it was a little rougher than I hoped for, but we toughed it out.

We got down that way and saw a couple boats trolling just west of Poplar Island, joined them and caught a couple blues. South we saw birds a working and a lot of boat traffic. And rather than steer clear as usual of the mess, I joined the fray.

For the most part, I kept my head on a swivel trying to stay out of everyone else’s way, let my buddies work the rods, kept my patience with all of the boaters and different tactics trying to get their share of the fast moving school. I had several people do some very bizarre things and my one buddy said I had the patience of a saint. But within minutes, I had a person, who I think was in a Parker, call me an a$$hole on the VHF and the worse part was he was right.

I had just trolled over a school of blues, tried to double back for a second shot, and got caught in a bad situation. I had a charter at 9 o’clock on my port trolling in the same direction I was heading for the school, who would not give way for me to turn left to avoid the fleet trolling at me from 2 o’clock on my right. I thought about making a sharp right, but I had LTJ boats there, so I could not turn that way either and I thought slowing down was not a good option either. Unfortunately for the gentleman in the Parker, I decided to speed up faster than I was going originally and cut him and the charter boat off to get out of there. I am sorry about that if you are a Tidalfish member and I do apologize.

I should not have put my self there in the first place, but we all have brain farts and I had a stinky one there. I do apologize, but I did not know what else to do.

After that encounter, I decided that crowd was not worth the effort and I headed off to try and troll around the far outside of the fray and stay the hell out of trouble.

The best part was this worked out well for us, we caught two Spanish Macs well outside the mayhem, one almost 23”, and caught some very nice bluefish and one throw back rockfish.

Once the tide stopped moving, the fishing died off, so we started trolling north, changed lures to more traditional rockfish lures and slowed down, waiting on the tide to start moving for the second part of our act today. While trolling just north of the mouth of Eastern Bay, we hit another school of rock and nice size blues, spent a few passes there with the fish to our selves, before we packed up and headed for a ledge on the western shore where we planned on using bluefish bellies to catch some flounder.

About 2 O’clock we headed for a ledge I heard was holding flounder, rigged up a couple rods with flounder rigs, cut up some bluefish for bait and tried for flounder along a 12-34 foot ledge. We barely had a moving tide but managed 1 throwback, 1 19” and 1 18” flounder. In addition to the flounder, we caught 1 spot, several flounder and 2 keeper hardhead. About 4:15 we packed it up after a long day and headed back up the bay. That gave us a 6 species day with keepers in 4, flounder, blue, Spanish Mac and hardhead. I will post the pictures tomorrow.

Captain Walleye Pete Daulberg of Four Seasons Guide Service reports that he has been spending all his time concentrating on the western shore. He has been mainly fishing from Parker Creek south to Cedar Point and looking for breaking fish.

Lower Maryland Chesapeake Bay (Honga River down to the Maryland /Virginia Line Waters)
Mike and Christy from Buzz’s Marina in Ridge buzzed in a report this week and said fishing has been steady for stripers, big croaker, bluefish, Spanish mackerel and the red-fishing (aka red drum). Hot areas for croaker have been buoy 72 and Corn Field Harbor.

The Wilson bridge reef has continued to hold striped bass, but the key there is 1) current- making sure you have plenty of it, 2) vertical jigging- you need to drop your jig straight down and give it the vertical jigging action. Any bucktail, jigging spoon, or soft plastic will do the trick in the 6 inch range. Dropping straight down is the trick.

Tidal Fish Wetz fished down in the Point Lookout area this past week and reported:
Left my dad’s ramp and headed out the creek, found small blues breaking half way to Pt No Pt light played with them for a while then headed north and found small pods of rock breaking. Nothing keeper size so we headed to Pt Lookout cause my wife wanted to jig up a flounder and had never tried it before. We got inside and started jigging with a pink stand up jig with a lime green twin tail trailer tipped with squid and hooked up on some small ones every drift. The wife starts yelling get the net and she got her first flounder on a jig, 20″ I got a couple more smalls and finally got a 18″ for our limit. Bay was flat calm so we ran over to 72 Es edge and caught nice size blues on topwater till dark.

Ocean City Maryland Offshore Fishing Reports
Ocean City Fishing Center reported:
AUGUST 30, 2008 :Catch of the Day…..Bluefin Tuna. We had quite a few boats out today and they were catching Bluefin Tuna most averaging around 56” in size. They also came in with Dolphin and Yellowfin Tuna. Some of the guys brought to the dock Wahoo as well.

AUGUST 29, 2008: The Bluefin fishing has picked up once again and the Marlin bite is still on. Capt. Luke Blume on the “Press Time” came in with a really nice Bluefin Tuna and they released a White Marlin. Capt. Ed Kaufman aboard the “Jade II” brought to the dock 2 Bluefin Tuna, and 2 Yellowfin Tuna. Capt. Will Zimmerman on the “Playmate” came in with 1 Bluefin Tuna and 1 Dolphin. Capt. Dave Wentling aboard the “Instigator” had a great catch. They came in with 1 Wahoo, 1 Bluefin Tuna and 2 Dolphin. Capt. George Merrick on the “Ursula Priscilla” had a half day inshore trip and they released 2 Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks and came home with Mackerel. Fishing is still good through October. This time of year is great to come down to O.C., no traffic and fewer boats out competing for the big one. Give us a call to book a fishing excursion you will never forget.

AUGUST 25, 2008 : Summer must be coming to an end, but fishing is still going strong. Only a few boats fished today. Capt. Luke Blume aboard the “Press Time” came in with a nice 100 pound Bluefin Tuna and released 2 additional Bluefins. They also caught 40 Dolphin. Capt. Dave Wentling on the “Instigator” brought to the dock one Bluefin Tuna weighing in at 102 pounds, 15 Dolphin and released 6 small Yellowfin Tuna.

Sue Foster from Oyster Bay Tackle and Fenwick Tackle reported:
Fishing this week saw lots of small flounder with a few really nice flounder mixed in. Croaker were running in Ocean City, but they weren’t real big. Big rays were reported in the bay along with some good bluefish catches.

Ocean City Inlet early in the morning and again after dark have been
producing some stripers on live spot, live eels, and dark colored Swimming Shad lures. Bluefish and shad have been biting in the inlet with spec rigs.

Stripers, shad and blues have been biting from the Rt. 50 at night though many of the stripers are short. Anglers are using Swimming Shad lures, spec rigs, Gotcha Plugs, and other soft bodies with lead heads.

J.J. from the Oceanic Pier reports a very good flounder bite this week with several decent keepers caught. Some croaker were biting. Anglers also caught spot, big sea robins and little sea bass. Bluefish were running periodically during the day.  At night, bluefish and shad were biting good. There were some big trout caught late at night. Anglers use  Gotcha Plugs and  Spec Rigs at night for the blues, trout, and shad. Shad especially bite good on Sibiki rigs.

Delaware Fishing Reports
Delaware Bay saw croaker in numbers. Surf was good on sharks and rays, some snapper blues, and a few kingfish, spot, and croaker. Some flounder were reported from the surf. Offshore saw better flounder and slightly better sea bass action.

At Oyster Bay Tackle and Fenwick Tackle they only weighed in two flounder this past week but heard of many more. John Swarthout was fishing with Bernie Seigart when he hung into a 3 pound 5 oz flounder he caught from the Thorofare on a live spot on Saturday.

That’s it for this week. Remember to post reports and check for reports on a daily basis from other Tidal Fishers on the Maryland Chesapeake Message Board, there are so many Striped Bass Fishing Reports it’s hard even keeping up.

Until next week, good times,and good fishing!

Brandon White Striped Bass Light Tackle Fishing

Brandon, Chief Angler

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Jul 11 2008

Maryland Fishing Report: Covering the Maryland Chesapeake Bay & Ocean City Offshore and Inshore: Updated July 11, 2008

Maryland Fishing Report, Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports,  Maryland Chesapeake Fishing Report, Black Drum Fishing Report, Ocean City Maryland Fishing Reports, Ocean City Offshore Fishing Reports, Striped Bass Fishing Reports, Rockfish Fishing Reports, Striped Bass Trolling Fishing Report, Light Tackle Fishing Reports, Live Lining Fishing Reports, Choptank River Fishing Reports, Susquehanna Flats Fishing Reports, Breezy Point Fishing Reports, Flag Harbor Fishing Reports, Deale Maryland Fishing Reports, Annapolis Fishing Reports, Chester River Fishing Reports, Crabbing Reports, Miles River Fishing Reports, Honga River Fishing Reports, Buzz Marina Fishing Reports, Solomons Island Fishing Report, Kent Island Fishing Report, Rock Hall Fishing Report, Gun Powder River Fishing Report, Oxford Fishing Report, Cambridge Fishing ReportThe summer striped bass pattern is here and live lining spot has taken over as the hot method for rockfish anglers through out the Chesapeake Bay region. Hot reports this week come from in and around the Bay Bridge area, the western shore from Breezy Point down to the Gas Docks and Cedar Point area. The southern Maryland waters have seen some breaking striped bass and smaller bluefish. Red drum fishing has picked up. There are some reports coming up the bay from south of Smith Point that there are some bruiser bluefish making their way north that has people getting excited in the southern Maryland waters.  We went out this week and hit the Gas Docks with some live spot and put a whipping on some stripers. Check the reports for full details…(pictured: fellow Tidal Fisher TimeFlies having some fun on the fly rod this past week. full report and pictures here)

Maryland Fisheries News
In the gym this past week I was having a conversation with one of the older guys that works out about crabbing and fishing. He lives on a creek off the Choptank River and said that his friend caught a rockfish in the creek that had twenty five crabs in it’s stomach. He said our crab problem has to do with having too many rockfish. It was almost a flashback to what the watermen have been saying. We got into a debate about it and I said the data does not support that crabs are a main portion of the striped bass diet. I told him just because one friend caught one fish that had crabs in its stomach does not mean you can take that one data point and jump to say that effects the whole population. Maybe his creek has an abundance of small crabs and not a lot of other bait like menhaden. I tol him I was going fishing this week and would check the stomach of all the rockfish we caught I bet him we would not find one crab in the stomach. I am going to collect that bet tonight when I see him. We caught and kept 10 rockfish the other day, checked all the stomachs and guess what we found, not a ton of food, but what we did find were spot menhaden. I am not saying that rockfish do not eat crabs, they do, but its a small portion of their diet and not why we have an issue with crabs. We have an issue with crabs because we humans overharvested and ate too many of them over the last few years and the whole situation is compounded bythe poor water quality that we have in the bay. I think it really is that simple. Read more on this one here to learn what striped bass eat and how much.

Weekend/Upcoming Fishing Events

Ocean City Maryland Tuna Tournament
Date: July 11-13, 2008
Details: One of the biggest tuna tournaments on the east coast. Lastyears payout was over $680,000, that’s some serious smackers.
Full details here

Fishing Day Camp Offered for Local Youth
When: There will be two sessions of the camp, running from July 21-25 and July 28-Aug. 1
Where: Point Lookout State Park
Details Point Lookout State Park from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Each day campers will learn angling skills, have a chance to practice those skills, and fish. On the final day of the camp, they will fish on a charter boat. Campers will receive a rod, tackle, life vest, and a copy of Lenny Rudow’s Guide to Fishing the Chesapeake. They will also get a one- year Youth Membership to CCA, including the Rising Tide magazine, access to the Rising Tide website, conservation tips and activities. The cost is $150 per camper.
: For more information about the day camp or to register, Brooke MacDonald, 1-888-758-6580, or Rob Schou, 443-926-6156. Registration is limited to 10 campers per week.

Maryland Fishing Reports

Upper Chesapeake Bay Region (Susquehanna River/Flats to Bay Bridge Waters)
Striped Bass fishing been concentrated in the lower upper bay area in and around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Anglers continue to chum around the Triple Buoy, Love Point, Baltimore Light area with good luck. Live lining has also been a method of choice. Anglers have been finding spot at Podickory Point, Hackett’s bar and at the mouth of the Chester River and taking them to the chumming areas and dropping down a live one which usually results in a tight line. Some anglers are also live lining on the pilings at the Bay Bridge. The trick here is finding the pilings that are holding the fish. So if you do not get a striper right away, do not not get discouraged, just keep moving pilings, eventually you will hit them, they are there.

Richie Gaines from Angler’s Connection Guide Service reported that he is continuing to fish Belvidere Shoal just above the Bay Bridge. He said the ticket is to find humps on the shoal that come up to with in 10-12 feet of the surface. He is jigging soft plastics in the six inch size as well as Specialized Baits jigging spoons. Check Richie’s article for a full explanation of how to target fish on structure like this during this time of year. . Most of fish on the humps are in the lower 20 inch range. He said there is also a very good school of bigger stripers up to 28 inches that are prowling the area and breaking from time to time. Each tide they are coming up in a different location, so you really have to keep your eyes out if you want to target this school. The area to look for this school of fish is from the Triple Buoy (just outside Rock Hall) to the LP Buoy by the Bay Bridge, out to the Shipping Channel. If you look at a map and draw this area, this is where these breaking fish have been.

Mid Chesapeake Bay Region (Bay Bridge to Honga River Waters)
If there is one headline this week in the middle bay when it comes to striped bass fishing its “ Live Line for Big Stripers”. Live lining has been producing well on the western shore along the no entry boundary of the gas docks. The hot spot has been on the northeast and south east corners. Its not hard to miss, you will see the fleet when you get there.  It can take twenty minutes or so to get the fish going when you have good current, but once they find your live spot it’s hot and heavy action. We ventured out on Wednesday and got our limit of ten fish for the five of us in about forty-five minutes, which includes getting the boat anchored, rigged up and our spot in the water. Once we got the stripers under the boat we were able to throw the jig on light tackle and get them. You can check out our  full report and pictures here

Light tackle anglers have had to work a little harder for fish over the last week. The rivers have been early morning and late evening programs and even that has been hit or miss. Breaking fish are around, but they apparently did not get the word that we like them to be predictable and have been popping up and down with little warning or predictability. The hot area to chase them has been Breezy Point down to the gas docks in 30-38 feet of water. These fish are prowling the area and moving fast chasing bait. In general there have not been birds on the fish. If you see one bird sitting it could indicate there are fish in the area, so slow down and watch your fish finder. One technique that we have been using that if we do not see any breaking fish or find any after driving around for a while we will just turn the engine off and sit and drift. A few times we have found breaking fish from hearing the splashes and then motoring over.

Captain Walleye Pete Daulberg of Four Seasons Guide Service reports that he has been spending all his time concentrating on the western shore. He has been mainly fishing from Parker Creek south to Cedar Point.  He has been hitting structure early in the morning and then motoring around looking for fish on the finder and breaking fish. When they show up on the finder it is fast a furious.

Lower Maryland Chesapeake Bay (Honga River down to the Maryland /Virginia Line Waters)
Mike and Christy from Buzz’s Marina in Ridge buzzed in a report this week and said fishing has been steady for stripers, big croaker, bluefish and the red-fishing (aka red drum) has picked up. Mike said the big blues have no moved in yet, but there are plenty in the 2-4 pound range. The croakers have been biting day or night. Hot areas have been buoy 72 and Corn Field Harbor. If you hit buoy 73 expect to find a few charters there chumming, but after about 3pm they are done so you will have the place to yourself.

The Wilson bridge reef has been holding a good amount of striped bass, but the key there is 1) current- making sure you have plenty of it, 2) vertical jigging- you need to drop your jig straight down and give it the vertical jigging action. Any bucktail, jigging spoon, or soft plastic will do the trick in the 6 inch range. Dropping straight down is the trick.

There have been some scattered reports of breaking stripers and bluefish, but there has not been any consistent pattern yet. So if you head out looking for breaking fish make sure to bring your binoculars and have a back up plan to fish structure .

Mike said he did get a report of some bigger blues being caught south of Smith Point so it is just a matter of time before they invade the region and make for some great fishing.

Ocean City Maryland Offshore Fishing Reports
Ocean City Fishing Center reported: “July 9,2008 offshore. I’m going to start today’s fishing report with an apology to the crew aboard the “Jade II”. It seems we have been neglecting these guys. Capts. Ed Kaufman & Butch Brooks and Gary the mate have been catching nice size Bluefin Tuna, Dolphin, Bluefish and a whole lot more. Also, catching fish, Capt. Joe O’Boyle on the “Mojo” came in today with one Bluefin Tuna, and two Dolphin. Capt. Geroge Merrick on the “Ursula Priscilla” also came in with a nice Bluefin and Dolphin. “

Sue Foster from Oyster Bay Tackle and Fenwick Tackle reported:
“Stripers! We’ve been hearing more and more about stripers this week from the Ocean City Inlet, Indian River Inlet, and the Route 50 Bridge at night. Richard Eger of Hernando, FL came in with a 12 pound 4 oz striper caught from the Indian River Inlet on 7/1. Louie Hionis, Louie Hionis, JR. and Jack McCoy of Fenwick with two, 33-inch stripers caught at the Indian River Inlet.
Anglers have been using live eels, live spot, or dark colored Swim Shad lures for the stripers.

Tautog fishing is still happening but the fish are running a lot smaller. It seems to be best at the inlet or end of the Oceanic Pier.  Tautog like sand fleas or green crabs when they are available. Places to catch tautog from the shore are: The bulkhead from 1st to 4th Streets. The ends of the streets at 5th and 6th Street, the Route 50 Bridge near the “draw,” the inlets, and the very end of the Oceanic Pier.

Sheepshead! Anglers are catching big sheepsheads from the Inlets and from their boats casting towards the South Jetty. Anglers are using sand fleas or peelers for bait for these.

Striper fishing from the Rt. 50 has been good this week. Anglers use  Swimming Shad lures for the best results fishing from the Bridge at night for stripers. Spec rigs and Gotcha Plugs work good for the blues, trout and shad.

Fishing this week was good on flounder though there were lots of throw-backs. There were a good amount of kingfish in the surf, along with shark catches at night. Striper fishing at night improved from the Rt. 50 Bridge and Inlets. Tautog and sheepshead were around. Sea bass was still a little slow, but some nice tautog and flounder were caught offshore. Further
offshore, lots of tuna…. and the first wahoo!

Assateague surf saw kingfish, a few croaker, spot and some small red hake on bloods and  Fishbite Bloodworms. A few bluefish were caught here and there on finger mullet along with some big sharks on bunker or whole squid.

We at Fenwick Tackle and Oyster Bay several reports of kingfish biting on bloods and  Fishbite Bloodworms on small hooks. These fish seem to bite best in the early morning and again in late afternoon into the evening. I’ve heard of some groups catching as many as 20. I went fishing on Maryland Ave in Fenwick Island on Tuesday morning and caught 7 kingfish and one small trout between 8:30 A.M. and 10 A.M. on a combination of real bloodworm and Fishbite Bloodworm. The tide was high outgoing. Later in the day I tried the Fenwick State Park, but by then the sun was out and I could only get one to bite. I saw huge schools of bunkers close to the beach. Anglers were casting spoons and bait underneath them, but “nobody was home!”

We are also hearing of huge rays, big sharks at night, along with a few reports of croaker and sea trout.Be careful with those big sharks and rays. Anglers are putting SO much pressure on their rods the inserts in the guides are popping right out!  Keeping my Dad busy at Fenwick Tackle replacing them….

Until next week, good times,and good fishing!

Brandon White Striped Bass Light Tackle Fishing


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