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Jan 16 2020

East Coast Saltwater Fishing Reports updated Jan 16, 2020

Happy New Year🎉 Some monster striped bass pictures in this weeks fishing reports. Let me give you a taste of what we’re talking about…

Chesapeake Bay Maryland fishing reports big striped basss
Yea, it might be a cold winter, but fishing in the Chesapeake Bay is HOT🔥
Beautiful winter striped bass caught with a JLS Custom “Purple lady” rod fishing with Capt. Jamie of Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters

Here’s what happening…

Lateral Line Podcast Update
Late last year I sent out a survey to see if readers would like to have these fishing reports in a podcast. I received an overwhelming “Yes”. So…

It’s happening. Right now I’m waiting on approval from Apple, once that happens, hopefully by next Thursday, we’ll be live on Apple, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and TuneIn.

Here’s our icon, what do you think? Post in the comments at the end of fishing reports, way below👇

Fishing Report Podcast Fishing Journal by Lateral Line
Lateral Line Fishing Podcast icon

Thanks for all the feedback and support.🙏

Here’s what you can expect on a weekly basis…

  1. First and foremost we’ll be bringing you fishing reports from along the east coast, from New York to North Carolina, Maryland-Virginia Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries.
  2. Tips on lures and set-ups that are working
  3. New fishing products news and reviews
  4. Conservation news (looking for someone to bring us this weekly, hopefully will find someone soon)

I’ll post here and email you, if you’re on our email list, as soon as we go live.👍

On to this weeks fishing reports, hot areas are Chesapeake Bay with big striped bass.

New York Fishing Reports

Capt John McMurray from One More Cast reported that is all is quite right now in New York waters. John’s getting some rest after long solid 2019 season😁

Capt David Blinken from North Flats Guiding is off the water right now. His report: “skiing” 🏂

New Jersey Fishing Reports

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association (BHFCA) reports all is slow right now, their gearing up for 2020.

Maryland Chesapeake Bay
Fishing Reports

Moving down the east coast to the upper Chesapeake Bay. Capt. Jamie from Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters clients have been catching some BIG striped bass.

Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing reports January fishing light tackle
Another one of many monster striped bass caught this past week.
Moster rockfish fishing reports in Maryland Chesapeake Bay
Another nice bass

Capt Walleye Pete from Four Seasons Guide Service reports a full fish finder. Big arches= big striped bass…

Striped Bass Fishing Reports Maryland Chesapeake Bay Walleye Pete Four Seasons Guide Service
Striped bass covering up this fish finder!
Rockfishing Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports Walleye Pete Four Seasons Guide Service
Just one of many nice stripers caught with Capt. Pete this past week.

Virginia Chesapeake Bay
Fishing Reports

We’re adding in fishing report from Buzz’s Marina for 2020. They’re technically located on the tip of Maryland, but given they fish as much Virginia waters, we’re putting them here😁

Mike from Buzz’s has been tearing the striped bass up man! I’ll let the picture tell the story…

Virginia Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports Striped Bass Fishing Buzz's Marina
Can Michael find them or what? He’s having a blast catching and releasing some nice rockfish on light tackle!💥

Moving south to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and Virginia Offshore action, Dr. Ken reports:(this from last week, but still fresh)

Charles Southall sent me a message saying that he was thinking about running across the bay for some catch and release fishing for rockfish.

I met him, David Brabrand and Gabe Sava at Dare Marina in the morning. It was my first time on the new Special Kate.

It was foggy all day and it rained but it was calmer than predicted. I was surprised by the number of boats near Cape Charles for catch and release fishing. Back when rockfish were crazy good: birds raining out of the sky, catches limited only by how many you could stand to crank, we’d go over there in January and never see another boat.

Today, we had a good amount of company trying to catch some fish to release. We had two bites and held on to one. I happened to be by the rod and got to catch the first rockfish on this Special Kate. The first one was good one and hopefully, it will just be the first of many. 

Virginia Fishing Reports Tidewater Offshore Striped Bass Fishing

North Carolina Fishing Reports

Pirates Cove Fishing Marina latest report from Jan 10, 2020;

We enjoyed the warmer weather today, here at Pirate’s Cove Marina! We had one boat from our offshore fleet go out and they reported the Tuna bite was still on with catches of Yellowfin and Blackfin!!

North Caroline Fisheries reports:

North Carolina Fishing Reports
North Carolina Fishing Reports Region Map

North Carolina Northern Region Winter Overview

Offshore Fishing
Anglers can catch plenty of yellowfin tuna, as well as wahoo, in the winter when conditions permit. Atlantic bluefin tuna have made their presence known and offer a great opportunity. Offshore bottom fishing can be excellent in the winter, as well. In midrange waters, anglers target striped bass (if they migrate to North Carolina waters), and red drum fishing can be very good during warmer periods. Anglers should find a regional fishing website that reports daily catches or contact a local tackle shop for up-to-date fishing reports. Anglers may want to improve their chances of a great day of fishing by using the services of a charter boat or guide.

When weather permits, fishing will be heavy with anglers targeting striped bass. Striped bass fishing was good this fall at Mann’s Harbor and surrounding areas and in the Roanoke, Croatan and northern Pamlico sounds. Fishing was especially good near bridges or any other structure. Striped bass anglers should check out the Wanchese Harbor, as well. Striped bass fishing is managed through a quota, so anglers should also check with the Division of Marine Fisheries before heading out. Other good winter catches are spotted seatrout and red drum. Good places to fish include around the bridge at Pirates Cove, barrier islands, Roanoke Sound and Oregon Inlet’s Green Island Slough and rock jetty. Fishing is generally best from pre-dawn to mid-morning hours, then again just before dark.

Piers are currently closed. Most will re-open around Easter. Beach anglers may have a tough time fishing this time of year due to rough surf and adverse weather. But when conditions permit, some of the largest red drum are taken from the surf in the winter. Bluefish blitzes can happen this time of year, but it’s been a long time since North Carolina observed this kind of activity. There is also the possibility of some excellent speckled trout surf fishing on the beaches from Rodanthe southward.

North Carolina Central Region Winter Overview

Offshore Fishing
There will be plenty of excellent fishing opportunities onboard charter boats during the winter. The central area of the coast has become known for its Atlantic bluefin tuna fishery. Usually, cold weather has an impact on when those giants show up, but this season they are already here. How long they stay around will depend on the weather, as well. Other offshore species, such as king mackerel, yellowfin tuna and wahoo, will be available to anglers fishing the Gulf Stream. Bottom fishing for a variety of reef fishes is also excellent during the winter months. Several head boats operate throughout the year. Some of the best snapper and grouper catches occur during the winter. Extended and overnight fishing trips are offered. Also, bluefin tuna head boat trips are sometimes offered. Anglers on private boats can enjoy many of the same opportunities as those fishing on charter boats. Anglers fishing offshore will have access to excellent catches of king mackerel, snapper, grouper and other reef fish. In past years, with very cold temperatures, striped bass appeared on Cape Lookout Shoals. Anglers shouldn’t forget about the fishing on the eastern side of Cape Lookout. December should provide good false albacore fishing

Speckled trout fishing was good this fall and there were plenty of nice trout around as well. The upper creeks of the White Oak, New, Neuse, Bay, Pamlico and Pungo rivers should offer good speckled trout fishing. Creek fishing for speckled trout is a specialized skill, and anglers may want to consider using a local guide to improve fishing opportunities.

Most piers close for the winter season. Some may allow access, but catches will be limited. Shore fishing activity will be limited, as well.

North Carolina Southern Region Winter Overview

Offshore fishing can be fantastic during the winter months. Bluewater trolling for wahoo can be very good, and vertical jigging and top water fishing for blackfin tuna is outstanding when weather conditions allow. African pompano and good numbers of cobia will bite on jigs, as well. King mackerel fishing can be outstanding around Frying Pan Tower. Anglers should look for king mackerel in water temperatures around 67 degrees Fahrenheit and warmer. Bottom fishing for black sea bass, groupers and other various reef fish is good in the winter months.

As the water temperature falls, things begin to slow down a little. Most anglers target trout and drum in the winter. Most of the trout action will take place around Masonboro and Little River rock jetties. Those targeting red drum will find the bays and creeks behind Bald Head Island productive. Also, the striped bass fishery in the Cape Fear River heats up during the winter months. The most productive striped bass fishing occurs around downtown Wilmington.

Shore fishing is very limited in the winter months. Most piers close after Thanksgiving weekend and do not reopen until March. For those that do stay open, catches likely will be limited to puffers, skates and dog sharks. Fishing for puffers can be very good on piers during the winter months.

Viewers Submitted Fishing Pictures

Nothing this week…SEND ME YOUR PICS Brandon at Lateral Line Co dot com.

Fishing Report Summary

Well, that’s a wrap for this week. Not too shabby for January fishing.

Hope you have a great week and 🤞 on our podcast launch next week.

Please pass on these fishing reports to anyone else you think would enjoy them.

If you are a fishing guide and want to have your fishing reports included please send me an email and I will let you know what I need from you. Brandon at Lateral Line Co dot com.

– Brandon

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May 13 2016

Big Red Drum being caught in Virginia Beach Area

Dr. Ken Neill sent over a fishing report with a few short not and picture of big red drum that about sums up all the action.

Red Drum Fishing Virginia Beach Redfish Tagging Fishing Report 2016 - Fishing T-Shirt




Red Drum Fishing Virginia Beach Redfish Tagging Fishing Report 2016 Redfish Fishing T Shirt

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Jun 13 2012

Big Redfish Fishing in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay

Redfish fishing Virginia Chesapeake Bay fishing reportNine year old shows how redfishing is done fishing report

This nine year old told his Dad he was ready to hit the water for some redfishing in the Chesapeake. Keep in mind it was his first time going fishing for red drum. Sure enough this young angler put a hurting on the the fish. Nice work man, you’re going to be one heck of an angler, we’re looking forward to more pictures and fishing reports.  Check this link for more pictures and the whole fishing report.

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