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Aug 06 2019

Battle Tested Products [updated 2019]

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Over the years I’ve aimed to keep track of the products and services I use and which ones last and which one’s don’t. They are not all fishing products per say, rather products I use while traveling to/from fishing and also products I use on my normal business travel.

I hope my experiences and time I invested researching all these things saves you time and points you in the direction of super products/services to make your life better while on your fishing adventures, business or personal travel.

Stats from my last 12 months:

Miles traveled by Plane135,000+
AirBNB/Hotel nights85
Miles traveled by Car: approx.12,900
Miles traveled by Train/Subway approx.750
Miles traveled by Bike approx. (Strava died on some rides)3,200 Prime purchases98
Pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
(just checking to see if you are really reading this 😉

Best product so far: 11 items spanning the following categories:
Fishing Book
Travel Products and Services
Electronics and Accessories
Boat and Car
Personal Accessories
Pets (for our best friends)

Fishing Books

Fly Fishing the Tidewaters of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay – by Brett Gaba

Brett and I went to college together and he used to write for Worldwide Angler and Tidal Fish so I am a little biased. With that said I believe you’ll agree he wrote a really good fishing book.

While the title targets fly fishing you’ll enjoy it regardless of the type of fishing you do. Brett writes about fishing in each month of the year in story format. You’ll discover some unusual spots in the tidal waters of Maryland that you may have driven past and never realized you could pull over, grab your rod and hook up. It was published in 2015, but the fishing has not changed the places he writes about.

Time used: 1 read
Best price: Brett sells on Amazon in hardcover and Kindle versions

Travel Products and Services

Show image of product I am describing

Purefly Neck Pillow
I’ve tried a bunch of neck pillows for when I travel on trains and planes. This one is the very best I have used. I add some air before take off and it blows up as we get to altitude.

Super conformable, proper neck support, and you can adjust the firmness via the air value.

Time used: 3+ years
Best price: You can get a 10% off coupon ordering it on Amazon

Samsonite carry on bag  Leverage LTE Expandable Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Leverage LTE Carry On Bag
This bag is pretty much indestructible. I use it as my main carry-on on every trip. I can easily travel for a week with what I can fit in here. If you fill it to capacity you will need to do a little pushing in the overhead, but it will fit without a lot of work. The four wheels are key when having to do long walks to gates or to and from the rental car facility. I’ve ripped down stairs in a hurry and jammed it in all sorts of places. It’s still going strong. One of the best $120 I have spent on travel gear.

Time used: approx. 5 years
Best Price: Save $99 when ordering here

Zero Level Fitness Las Vegas Airport Gym White Listed
Super workout on a layover

Gym at Las Vegas McCarran Airport
One of the things I have always thought about while sitting at the gate on a long layover is what a good idea it would be to have a gym in the airport. I’d happily pay $30 for a quick forty-five minute workout.

Turns out someone at Las Vegas airport thought it would be a good business and built Zero Level Fitness. I used the gym a few times so far on layovers. Gym is big, has cardio equipment, super nice free weights, showers and towels.

Zero Level Fitness is located right under baggage claim in Terminal 1. Look for baggage claim #10 and take the elevator behind it to level 0. It does require you to go outside security, but is literally a three minute walk. With TSA Precheck getting back through security is super easy. I’m book a lot of transfers through Vegas because this gym.

Time used: approx. 2 years
Best Price: Check their website, sometimes they have coupons. Otherwise, pay when you get there.


Computer Privacy Screen

Laptop Computer Privacy Screen
I do not like people reading my stuff when I am working on my computer on a plane or in a public place. I had to try a few of these before getting a good one. Worth the money.

Time used: approx. 2+ years
Best Price: You have to get one that fits your computer screen, this one has over 200 4.5+ reviews. The one I have is similar but not longer avaiable.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Noise-Cancelling Review

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones
This is my third pair of Bose noise canceling headphones. I had one of their early versions about six years ago called QuietComfort 2. 

I upgraded to the wired in-ear noise canceling version that they had. They work great, but the one thing that was a drag was the wire getting in the way when I am getting on and off planes. The wire always would get caught on things and rip out of my ear and earbud almost get stepped on. I now use them as a backup to my newest ones.

These are wireless, they use bluetooth, and have been awesome. I was going to get the Beat’s noise canceling version, but after reading a ton of reviews, stayed with the Bose.

The sound is terrific, noise canceling super, has a mic to use for phone calls and wireless range is awesome. How about all those adjectives?! Highly recommend. They are a little pricey, but worth it. You don’t have to take my word for it, they have over 3,200 4.5+ reviews on Amazon.

Time used: Bose QC2 4 years, QC20 2 years, QC35 2 years+
Best Price: This is the best price I found and where I got mine

Laptop Desk Stand for PC and Macbook

Laptop Computer Stand
Laptop stands can get pricey. This one will set you back less then $20 and is a good as the $100+ ones I’ve tried and sent back.

I’ll warn you ahead of time, it’s a little heavy. It’s hard to find solid products these days, especially when it comes to electronic stuff that are generally being made out of plastic.

You can trust this thing is not going to break and will hold up. Looks good, works well.

Time used:
2 years+
Best Price: It’s an Amazon Basics brand and under $20 here

Boat and Car

Wash Mit
Yes, a $5.59 wash mit makes the list. If you are like me you are careful when it comes to washing your boat or truck.

I’ve tried a ton of mits and rags over my years and this is the best I found. It lasts and get grit off fast.

Time used: 3+ years, too many boat and car washes to count.
Best Price: They’ve come down in price since I paid around $8 for mine. t under $6 now, it’s a steal.

Personal Accessories

Hydro Flask Water Bottle
I received the 24oz version from a friend who stayed at our house as a thank you gift. I was skeptical at first having been through many different water bottles over the years.

This truly keeps liquids cold and hot, for real.  The 24oz is super to carry in the car and places where I have room, but too big to carry in my backpack.

I tried the 21oz, but it was too big for the spot in my Timbuk2 bag. The 18oz is perfect and traveled with me everywhere since I got it.

Time used: 2 1/2 years
Best Price: Pick your size and color to get best price.


Pet Water Dish
We’ve bought way too many dog and cat water dishes over the last twenty years. This one cleans the water, keeps working (many have died on us), and is made of stainless steal.

Worth the money to keep the water fresh and looks good.

Time used: approx. 4 years
Best Price: This vendor has best price I have found

Notes: I provide the links to help you find the best prices. I do not guarantee that they are the lowest when you find and read this page. They were the best when I bought them and researched them again to write this article.

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links. That means that I get a percent of the sale if you click and buy through the link. The money helps support this site and keeping blog posts like this going.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me at b at Brandon c white dot com. I always enjoy hearing from readers.

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