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Aug 31 2012

Fishing T Shirt for Striped Bass Chasers

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Stiped Bass Chaser Fishing T Shirt by Lateral Line A great gift for men who fishCalling all striped bass chasers! If you are a regular here at the Lateral Line blog we you know we chase stripers in our backyard in the Chesapeake Bay and along the east coast Hunting these fish inspired us to design this t-shirt for our 2012 fall t shirt line for all striped bass chasers.

Like the design and chase other fish? Don’t worry, we have a whole Fish Chaser line of short and long sleeve t-shirts rolling out in our new online store that we have under construction. Don’t want to wait to get this t shirt? No problem, we’ve leaked a few of the Fish Chaser series on the Tidal Fish Online Store, cruise over there and check them out.

We’ll post a few the other designs next week. Have a good Labor Day weekend, get out there and catch some fish!

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Aug 16 2012

A Fly Fishing Snowboard

We had to post this, it’s just cool! Signal Snowboards has produced a Fly fishing hybrid board with Steve Abel (of Abel Reels) for their newest episode titled “Reel Shredding.” This episode without a doubt will lure you in and make you smile

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Jul 16 2012

Virginia Boating Legislation Takes Effect

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virginia boatingWhile the Lateral Line HQ is in Maryland, we do a lot of fishing in Virginia. While we had heard about the boaters safety course requirement, we did not know exactly what it meant. We did some research and throught since we did it we would share it.

Virginia enacted a law in 2007 that established requirements for boating safety education. A main component of that law was the requirement that all Virginia boaters would have to take a Virginia boating safety course, pass an exam, and hold a license verifying it. The law also required boaters from out of state to meet the same requirements unless they held a suitable license from another state or province.

The 2007 law is robust and includes Continue Reading »

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Jul 11 2012

Cool Fishing T Shirt

Fishing T Shirt by Tidal Fish Chasing Striped BassWe always like to give a shout out to those that pick up the Lateral Line brand. Tidal Fish picked us up in their online fishing store and we found something in addition to their site worth giving a shout out. Their striped bass fishing t-shirt  jumped out at us as pretty cool design. If you are into the saltwater inshore fishing scene and chase striped bass this t-shirt is worth a look. It comes in short sleeve and long sleeve. And while you are surfing their online store make sure you check out the hot new performance fishing t-shirt designs by Lateral Line. They have them up in their fishing shop before we do…. ouch that hurts man. Keep an eye out for them here on the Lateral Line soon.

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Jul 10 2012

Why Lateral Line Cares about Bristol Bay – Please Join Us in Supporting the Effort to Save this Amazing Place

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Save Bristol Bay AlaskaAs a fishing company we are a natural resource dependent business. It’s pretty simple, not only do each of us truly care about our natural resources, but given our dependency on them it’s in our best interest  to help foster healthy fisheries, clean water, and abundant access.  Without fish we have no fishing, with no fishing there is no Lateral Line or any other fishing company for that matter. While we care deeply about the Chesapeake Bay and all it’s tributaries in our back yard, we’ve also traveled to the far ends of the world to chase fish and have deep appreciation for fisheries and ecosystems world wide.

Bristol Bay in Alaska is one of those far off places that deserve our protection.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel and fish some parts of Alaska and it’s one of the most remarkable places in world. It’s wild, it’s big, it’s full of life, clean water, good people and fishing like nowhere else in the world. It’s worth protecting!

Bristol Bay is currently under threat from an effort to develop one of the largest open pit mines ever conceived.  The Pebble mine would be developed at the headwaters of the Kvichak and Nushagak rivers – two world class salmon and trout producing rivers.  An excellent description of the mine and its scale is provided by Trout Unlimited at the following link –

We been involved in supporting the effort to save Bristol Bay for several years and we now find ourselves at another critical juncture in the process.  The EPA recently completed a major watershed assessment of the region and the research came out overwhelmingly supporting the belief that the mine would pose a major threat to the fish and wildlife of the region.  The comment period for the watershed assessment is open until July 23rd and I want to encourage you to take a moment to write to President Obama and your congressional delegation to let them know you support the EPA and its assessment.  Click here to take action –

Thank you from all of us that care about this big amazing wild place.

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Jul 02 2012

Ocean’s of Garbage – Why we are eating our own trash

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An interesting graphic about the world’s ocean’s and trash. Even if you only believe it’s 50% true, it’s pretty scarey to think what is happening to the oceans. You can click on the graphic
Ocean of Garbage
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Jun 13 2012

Big Redfish Fishing in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay

Redfish fishing Virginia Chesapeake Bay fishing reportNine year old shows how redfishing is done fishing report

This nine year old told his Dad he was ready to hit the water for some redfishing in the Chesapeake. Keep in mind it was his first time going fishing for red drum. Sure enough this young angler put a hurting on the the fish. Nice work man, you’re going to be one heck of an angler, we’re looking forward to more pictures and fishing reports.  Check this link for more pictures and the whole fishing report.

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Oct 24 2011

Lateral Line Seen on the Rio Paraná River

Golden Dorado Rio Parana Fly Fishing

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